Headphones: Grammy Winners

The 59th Grammy Awards have come and gone, leaving us with some surprising moments like Adele winning Album of the Year and breaking her trophy in half to share with Beyonce, and 21 Pilots removing their pants before going on stage to accept their award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Album of The Week: Night People - You me at six: Night People marks You Me at Six's fifth studio album. Released on Jan. 6, this album feels like a change in style for the band with a heavier and darker sound than past albums and tracks. This is a 10-track album and each song demonstrates and highlights the band's talents – from Josh's vocals on closing track "Give" to the lyrics on "Take On The World."

One of the best tracks on the album is "Spell it Out." It is a deeply thoughtful song with a slow tempo and dark tone. It is clearly a very powerful song; one that I feel was created for live performances because of the raw passion, it will blow the roof off any building.

Another one of my favorite tracks has to be "Brand New," mainly because Josh's vocals take center stage. There are parts of the song where it feels like his voice is opposite to the music; the tune may be chilled and mellow but his voice is on the edge, giving a passionate performance, that ends up with a brilliant sound.

This is the first time I have heard of You Met At Six and I can now say they have gained a new fan. Their music is so passionate; you can tell that a lot of long hours have went into making this album. The delivery on every track feels like nothing is being held back, something many artists cant achieve. So if you listen to one song today make it one from this album.


Music Video

EDM: DJ Snake – The Half: This track features Jeremiah, Young Thug and Swizz Beatz giving it more of a rap feel, but DJ Snake's EDM sound can definitely be felt in the song. The video itself is based in a room full of mirrors with the trio of rappers doing their thing and some women featured twerking. The video isn't that special but the track is great.

Rock: The Lapelles – Snakehips: This is one of my new favorite bands. Their music is always brilliant and they have such a pure sound. "Snakehips" is my favorite song from the band. The drums and bass just mash to make such a hype sound. I like that the band have just took a video from one of their gigs and used it as their music video it gives an authentic, personal feel to the whole thing.

Rap: Devlin – Blow Your Mind: Fresh off his new album and one of the best performances on BBC Radio's Fire in the Booth ever, Devlin has released a new video for his latest track "Blow Your Mind." The video is one that I don't fully understand but with lyrics like "I think that we're gonna need fireman out 'cause I'm Jim McVeigh," the video could be paint drying because this track is all about lyrics as are all Devlin tracks. Instrumentals are kept to a minimum but it is still a decent backing track complimenting Devlin's bars perfectly.

Pop: Katy Perry – Chained to The Rhythm: Katy Perry has released this video for her newest song "Chained to The Rhythm" and it is what we have come to expect from the global pop star. Both the lyrics and tune are repetitively catchy and don't go very far. The video itself features a mini cooking show ending with a mouse trying the food out in front of a TV.