Headphones: Grammy Preformers Announced


Lady Gaga, Metallica, Beyonce, Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Chance the Rapper are just some big names that have been confirmed to perform at the Grammys this year. With the award ceremony only three days away, you won't have to wait long to see your favorite artist perform. We also had the SuperBowl this week, where The New England Patriots took the win but all eyes were on Lady Gaga during the halftime show as she flew around the sky performing her most popular songs. Finally, I got my first tattoo; the cover art of Catfish and the Bottlemen's first album. So I think we all know what the most important news was this week.

Album Of The Week: Dropkick Murphys – an American Celtic rock band from Massachusetts formed in 1996 – are known best for their big genre mash up "I'm Shipping Up to Boston." Now they are back, 21 years later, with "11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory."

The opening track to the album is "The Lonesome Boatman," the equivalent to a trailer before a movie, setting the tone of what is to come. The track opens with a guitar feeding back over a rumble of drums and a single whistle takes the spotlight. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album due to its slow relentless build up and the fact they are able to make a big impact with what seems like little effort.

As the title may suggest, the two recurring themes of the whole album are pain and glory – opposing themes that often go well together. Pain is demonstrated through 4-15-13, a song written about the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The recurring line, "We are all just people trying to make our way," which I think is a stance to promote the idea of being the same regardless of superficial differences, is a heart warming addition to the album.

Over two decades after they formed, the band have managed to keep their signature Celtic rock sound that is built of rough vocals matching the rash instruments, creating the perfect sound. This is demonstrated on "I Had A Hat" and for me, these types of higher-tempo songs are what the band do best. Their slower more personal songs are good but this type of track is their bread and butter.


Music Videos

Pop: Izzy Bizu – "Talking To You": Izzy Bizu is not a name that I am familiar with but after hearing this song that all changed. Izzy's near angelic vocals are front and center of the whole song, along with a standard catchy pop melody as backing. In my opinion, most pop songs have similar formulas and overall sound, but this is as good as any other pop song out there, guaranteeing you will sing the chorus for the next week. 

Rock: Blossoms – Honey Sweet: If you did not know, I am a 90's baby but I have always glamorized the past and loved pop culture from before my time. This is why I love this music video so much. It's like watching a season of "The Goldbergs" in four minutes. The nostalgic 80's themed video features a vintage phone, a Goonies-style treasure hunt, a DeLorean topped off with period outfits a personal favorite is the breakfast club, john bender inspired outfit wore by lead singer Tom Ogden. The tune itself is very chilled out with moments even feeling reminiscent of the 80's, I won't say this is a massive song that will live on for years, because simply its not but it is a fun easy listening track that makes life a little easier.

Rap: Stormzy- Big For Your Boots: After 9 long months of silence Stiff Chocolate is back with a banger. Big For Your Boots is the first single released from Stormzy's up and coming debut album "Gang Signs and prayer". Straight up in my opinion the video isn't as good as the tune itself but that doesn't mean that its not entertaining. The video follows storms in many standard London settings from a pub to a chicken shop to an estate where he stands delivering his bars. A highlight of the video is one of the later scenes where Stormzy and his girlfriend are hanging out the top of a couple of police cars while driving around London, Stormz just looks like a boss in these scene. The song sounds like a great start to what will no doubt be a great album. Stormzy is doing what Stormzy dose best ; a great flow with some quality one liners all delivered with precision. The best part of this track for me is when Stormz gives Adele a shout out , mainly because it took me by surprise. Anyway listen to the track for yourself and decide what you think, and get ready for the 24th of Febuary.

EDM: Gareth Emery & Standerwick - Saving Light: EDM being a major genre of music preferred by the youth of today's world means that from time to time artist in this genre should use their influence to say something meaningful and that is exactly what Gareth Emery has done with his newest track. With opening scenes of a girl on the ground with blood on her nose surrounded by bully's you know exactly what the theme is. It gose on to show the extreme effects of all types of bullying in today's society with the simple message of stop doing it. This is a powerful video with a serious message underlying also the tune itself is decent without a doubt it will be playing in clubs up and down the country with its old school sound.