Headphones: George Michael's Untimely Death

This week marks the one year anniversary of Motorhead's founder and front man Lemmy Kilmister, without this man Motorhead would never have been formed. Also the sad news broke that George Michael passed away from heart problems, this has added to the lists of musical legends taken from us in 2016 and its not getting any easier.

Album Of The Week: The Dream Synopsis- The Last Shadow Puppets: The Dream synopsis EP is the most recent project released by The Last Shadow Puppets which was released on December 2nd. Unfortunately there is no new material on this album but it features re-recorded versions of hits  "Aviation" and"The Dream Synopsis mixed with four cover tracks.

Personally i love everything associated with Alex Turner the man has a beautiful mind simple and plain. This album is just pure TLSP a little weird but ultimately brilliant. The opening track Aviation is on of my favorite TLSP songs of all time, the recording on the album is basically the same as previously only this time there is more of a DIY studio feel to it.

A stand out track of this album is Les Cactus , as the title suggests it is a french song originally released in 1967 by Jacques Dutronc. Alex dose an amazing job preforming the whole song in french.

Totally wired is a great song on the album , wrote by the fall in 1982 is the psychotic break i a already crazy album, it is a song that is up beat and one that can only be described as psychedelic.

If this album as any indication what that new Arctic Monkeys album in 2017 will be like then it seems like we will be in for a treat.

Music Videos

Rap/Grime: Wiley Ft Devlin - Bring Them All: As promised I am here another week with more grime. This track is from two heavy hitters on the UK scene , Wiley is as on point as always and Devlin delivers his lines like punch to the stomach. The video itself is basic , a black and white view of the two superstars rapping around an easte , but when the sound is this good you don't need a fancy video.

Pop: James Arthur - Safe Inside: Ex X Factor winner James Arthur releases his follow up to his hit say you wont let go. With this nostalgic video following a girl growing up James is able to capture pivotal  moments in a young girls journey to a bad place in life. Fortunately there is a happy ending.

Alternative: Paper Pilots - Automatic: I have been dying to talk about Paper Pilots since i started this column but I wanted to wait for them to release the video for this track but i couldn't wait any longer. Automatic is a brilliant track that has a sound to it i can only describe as groovy. This is a brilliant song from a brilliant band , and I am sure they will continue to roll out songs of this high caliber in 2017.

EDM: DJ Fresh vs Diplo - Bang Bang: This new track is a track by two heavy weights , the sound of the track feels almost drum and bass which is slightly different that usual. I'm no expert on EDM but i really like this song its perfect for every hype occasion from getting ready to dancing in the club.