Headphones: Duo Gone Solo

Dan Auerbach, prolific producer and artist, has graced us with his second solo album. The guy has involved himself in several impressive projects since his former duo band (The Black Keys) got their start in 2002. Auerbach reminds his hungry fans that "Songs don't grow on trees;" quality music cannot be forced. Rising artist SZA has released a third great single to her upcoming album CTRL coming on June 9. Timeless musician Elton John has paired up with Youtube and filmmakers to produce a touching new music video to Tiny Dancer along with other hit tracks like 'Rocket Man.' Davido shows off his moves and vulnerability in his new music video for 'Fall.' 

Album of the Week: Waiting on a Song – Dan Auerbach: We could not be happier Dan Auerbach patiently waited and delivered us another incredible solo album. Auerbach’s style is classic while remaining very progressive and alternative. "Waiting on a Song" is particularly vintage sounding, with excellent song writing and producing by the man and myth himself. Each song is uniquely distinct and fits together beautifully.

It takes a skilled artist to not only write beautiful, meaningful lyrics, but also pair his words perfectly against the right melodies. The first track and album title "Waiting on a Song," gives a retro feel to a catchy, whimsical southern rock song. Another song with southern twang is "Livin’ in Sin," one of the more upbeat tracks of the album. You wont be able to help but bob your head and dance to this simple, cheerful song.

Every track is quality on this album, however certain tracks stand out such as "King of a One Horse Town" and "Never in My Wildest Dreams." These two tracks will have you back-to-back reflecting to peaceful and exquisite guitar loops. Auerbach’s lovely voice is the closest thing to an adult lullaby in "Never in My Wildest Dreams," in addition to the uplifting rhythmic horns in the background.

"Cherrybomb" takes more of a Black Keys style, using groovy rhythms and explicit instrumentation of the drums and guitar. This track includes very interesting sound bytes such as a series of hand-whistles in the background. "Malibu Man," is another fun summer-drive song that could also sound like a track from a Black Keys EP.

Single of the Week: Broken Clocks – SZA: "Broken Clocks," is the third single leaked from SZA’s upcoming EP "CTRL" to be released on June 9. The song is relaxed, sultry and very easy to listen to. SZA is able to alter her tempo from rapping her lyrics, to singing several ballads.

"Drew Barrymore," was the first released single of the album, reveled in January; followed by her second release "Love Galore," featuring Travis Scott revealed to the public in May. SZA is the only female artist signed to the label TDE. Last week, the artist released an album trailer narrated by Wu-Tang Clan front man RZA. We cannot wait to see the many amazing collaborations that will come with "CTRL," as the artist has featured on the works of Rihanna, ScHoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, Childish Gambino and so many more. 

 Music Videos

Rock: Elton John – Tiny Dancer: There is finally a beautiful story line to match the inspiring song we know every word to. The video takes you through the lens of all different characters living in Los Angeles. Most characters in the video are shown in their car, finding their truth or happiness. It depicts a full day and night in Los Angeles, taking us through all the different experiences to be had in a day. One character gets married, one is shown cherishing her baby, another has a good cry and a van full of teenagers smoke pot. This music video is all about perspective, how to make something out of nothing and appreciate the life you lead in a crazy city such as LA.

Pop: Davido – Fall: This music video shows a very in love Davido. The artist playfully dances with the woman he is professing his love to while arguing with her at the same time. The lover he desires gorgeously dances around a ballet room with Davido peering in from the window. The woman is also shown dancing at a fancy, large party with Davido that becomes a figment of his imagination. Davido then returns to his reality which is shown at the beginning of the video, arguing with her again.


Update: The trailblazing talent and founder of The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman has passed away at 69 years old from liver cancer.

"Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles eighth studio album, turned 50 on May 26.   

KISS has cancelled their show in Manchester after the recent horrific attack at the Ariana Grande show. Speaking of Grande, the artist returned to Manchester to put on a charity concert for the bomb victims that raised $3.5 million. The benefit included performances by Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Usher.  

Lauryn Hill and Nas will be headlining an American tour and will be joined by Hannibal Burress and Chronixx. 

Watch Justin Bieber replace gibberish with Spanish lyrics at a live performance at 1 Oak nightclub in NYC of the hit single "Despacito;" the first song in Spanish to reach number one since the "Macarena."