Headphones: Cee Lo's Call with Death

This week Cee Lo Green had a complication while in the studio with his phone blowing up in his face ( I bet it was Samsung), no word has been released but I imagine he has had one fright. Also this week the 2017 inductees to the rock and roll hall of fame have been announced they are Joan Beaz, Electric Light Orchestra , Journey , Peral Jam , Tupac and Yes.

Album of the week: J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only: Previously I have talked about J in this article and I am happy to write about the man again. He is lyrically better than his peers without a doubt. 4 your eyes only is J Coles newest album and it is the same standard that we have already came to know from him with a twist. "From home the bell towels" is the first track on the album opening with J taking vocals matching many pop singers, then going into his rap , so much is happening here with a great horns section playing. 

On track two "Immortal" if feels like J has been possessed by the spirit of Tupac , it feels like a really hood track but J Cole ensures to put his on stamp on the track with his brilliant lyrics and crazy flow.  

Shes mine part 1 is a side to J we don't see as much it is very sensitive this song is almost a lullaby , listening to this track it feels like J was a broken man while recording his hurt and pain comes through so raw on this track. Instruments on the whole album are simple there isn't much to excite you but lets be honest you listen to J for the Lyrics.

Music Videos

EDM: Louis Tomlinson - Ex One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has released his first solo track since leaving the mega boy band. There is currently no music video out for the track but Louis and Steve Aoki debut the track on the UK X factor last week just days after the singers mother had passed away. The song is very catchy perfect for the club or a car ride with friends this is sure to be a favorite. If the video is anything like the live show it will be epic.

Pop: Little Mix -Touch: Once again the second song has no video only a live performance from the X factor UK but it is still amazing.The girls have face some criticism for there attire but forgetting all the controversy and just listen to music this is a great song , it is a brilliant pop song sung so comfortably from the girl band

Rap: Chris Brown - Party: Chris Brown is here once again with a new track with a video featuring a gang of old people trapped in children's bodies. With guys trying to look cool nowa days is nice to see Chris staying with the tradition of hip hop and keeping the culture alive with some moves. The track its self is a classic grinding track slow with a great beat and basic lyrics.

Indie: Bastille - Blame: I haven't heard much of Batille in a while i don't know if they took a break or I just haven't heard of them but what i do know is they are here with Blame sounding better than ever. Using there signature drums they are able to create such a slow and dark sound and with Dan Smiths Near operatic singing this song just feels so big.