Headphones: Always Room for a Come Back

Recently, several artists who have had their peak in the past are releasing new pieces of music, making sure their fans understand that great music takes precious time and patience. Hip-hop/R&B artist Machine Gun Kelly has released a great new album "bloom," while Calvin Harris released a third single to his upcoming EP Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. We are more than pleased to have a visual story to match the beautiful song 'Goodbye Angels,' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  

Album of the Week: bloom – Machine Gun Kelly: Ah Kelly is back, and aren’t we glad because this new album is really versatile. "Bloom" is tangible proof that Machine Gun Kelly has matured and grown personally, musically and creatively. MGK declares his timeless place in the industry with his very first track, "The Gunner." The artist asserts his place against intense sounds of weaponry including the sounds of loading a gun and intrusive gunshots. Kelly confidently makes claims like, “I pick up the mic and I start a riot/ I spit a verse and I change the climate.” Kelly reverts back to this similar hart-hitting, demanding rapping over an impressive beat in the sixth track of the album, "Golden God."

I could see several songs on the album quickly rising to popularity in the future with his unique, catchy raps over completely different melodies. "Wake + Bake," begins as a soulful intro with electric guitar and transcends to a rhythmic rap song with an older classic feel. Sounds of the artist and others "wake and baking," and coughing are included and add a certain realness to the meaning of the lyrics. The song allows us into a bit of who Machine Gun Kelly is.

This track is followed up by "Go for Broke," featuring James Arthur — one of the strongest tracks on "bloom."

The light-heartedness of this tune with Arthur’s genuine voice really makes for a catchy tune that is hard to dislike. The guitar on this record adds variety to the genres Kelly is tapping into. This song is encouraging and uplifting; Kelly reflects on a realistic rags-to-riches dream of his own, “I still remember Ramen noodle mean nights/ I still remember checkin’ my account/And having 26 dollars, when I signed my record deal night.”

Similarly, actress and artist Hailee Steinfeld features on a favorite, inspirational track, ‘At My Best.’ The two artists really compliment each other in this collaboration. Kelly’s raps are powerful and uplifting, encouraging everyone to “keep it going.” Steinfeld sings a cliché quote, “If you can’t take me at my worst/You don’t deserve me at my best.” The song is nice, but painfully commercial and possibly a soon to be pop-radio banger.

Certain tracks take on more of a fun, party vibe like ‘Moonwalkers,’ featuring DubXX and ‘Trap Paris’ rapping about drugs and girls in Paris. Ty Dolla $ign opens the seventh track on a powerful note. Quavo features on the track and the two go back and forth over a fun, pop/rap beat. The fun hip-hop beat features strategic, electric synths to make the song more upbeat.

Kelly really matured with this album, using not only his rapping to add value, but his vocals. The artist really improved as a writer, writing heavy and personal lyrics about love, loss, drugs and more. On ‘Bad Things,’ Camila Cabello and Kelly sing a sexy and beautiful symphony together. It really is complicated, in the best way possible from Machine Gun Kelly of all people. Another song where Kelly shows off his strong vocals is ‘Rehab,’ over beautiful guitar loops from the acoustic and electric guitar. The background music under Kelly’s vulnerability in lyric, make for an excellent track.

The 27-year-old artist finishes off the album strong with the emotional, vibe, "27," where he essentially ties together all of the elements incorporated in the songs that proceeded it. The rapper includes a soulful electric guitar that lingers in the background of his attention-grabbing rapping and singing. Kelly also features a pretty piano tune and a lighter sparking, concluding the album by saying, “Bloom.”  

Single of the Week: Rollin – Calvin Harris featuring Future & Khalid: Calvin thoughtfully gave us something to munch on before his highly anticipated release of Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. coming out on June 30 this summer. The track begins with a funky, vibrational beat with a graceful piano tune. This beat is primarily coated by Khalid’s seasoned voice. Khalid masters his major role in this track and sounds a lot like Frank Ocean, beautifully whining and effortlessly singing in key the entire time. Following Khalid’s verse and chorus, Future comes in strong with quality verses. When the chorus comes back around, you’re almost relieved to hear the young artist’s range and presence over Calvin’s impressive producing. The song will end abruptly in debatably the best part of the whole song; you’ll be sad it’s over.

Music Videos:

Dance: Moving On – Marshmello: The video for "Moving On," was released on May 5 and received over a million views on YouTube in under a day. The song is popular already, but the music video might just outshine the actual track. Marshmello’s friends in the video play the roles of Slushii, Ookay and Skrillex as they graduate from high school. Marshmello is prepared to give a speech at the graduation, but instead gives the Class of 2017 a wild performance of his DJ set, using turntables that fit precisely on the podium. The graduating class goes crazy as Marshmello sabotages the ceremony and turns it into an absolute rave.

Alternative: Goodbye Angels – Red Hot Chili Peppers:   This video is very intricate and exciting, taking you through the highs and lows of the main character mystery woman whose journey you will be following. The music video shifts from the Peppers preforming an electrifying concert, to the woman stealing a bike and showing up at the event. The woman continues to steal a beer, somehow makes her way backstage where she has eye-sex with lead singer Anthony Kiedis, and makes-out with a girl while popping a pill in the same bathroom stall.  

Update: Rest in peace Chris Cornell, former lead singer of Soundgarden. The cause of death was confirmed as suicide at age 52. The artist’s body was found in a hotel bathroom following the bands show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  

T-pain and Lil Wayne have announced a collaborative album and we couldn’t be more excited. T-Pain had recently discovered a hard drive that contained the unreleased songs made together back from around 2008. The album consists of eight tracks from the two artists, and received help from talented producers like Bangladesh, Tha Bizness and several others.

Nial Horan revealed his plans to release his debut LP toward the end of fall/beginning of this coming winter. Horan told billboard with this album, “… this time it's just completely me, so I get to do what I want when I want, really."