Headphones: A Brother Departed

Well lets get the elephant in the room out of the way... Donald Trump is now officially the 45th president of the United States, love it or loathe it this is the reality let's just hope everyone stays safe and the artists in the world work through their feelings by making some great music. In other news this week Butch Truck, drummer and founding member of The Allman Brothers has passed away , no news has been released on the cause of death,  thoughts are with his family and friends. He was a brilliant drummer and The Allman Brothers wouldn't have be the same without him.

Album of The Week: Yesterday's Gone - Loyle Carner:  Yesterday's Gone marks Loyle Carner's debut album and I must say it is probably one of the best debut albums I have heard in a while, this is due to the fact Loyle is able to show case his range of talent on this one album proving that he isn't a one trick pony and that he actually has some variety. He dose this by switching is style and the way he spits, now I am not sure if this is because he is still trying to find his own unique style or if he is just has this range to have this variety but I feel this is a strong start to what I see being a long and fruitful career.

Ain't Nothing Change has the best intro to a track on the whole album with brilliant use of horns and piano giving the track a very Jazz like feel but the drums bring it back to that hip hop sound.

NO CD is a cracking track with a delivery that sounds like it has major grime influence. The tune is bouncing the whole way through and has one of the most catchy choruses that just rolls of the tongue that you just know a live crowd will love. The last verse on this track is probably my favorite verse on the whole album that can only be described with three fire emojis.

+44 is another favorite track for me , it isn't what i would call rap more spoken word but it is still flawless in delivery. If you are someone who believes that rappers aren't as good as poets because they recite over a beat i urge you to listen to this track , it takes on a situation that is known to many and maybe seen as insignificant but for me Carner makes it feel so deep and as good as many poets i have read.

Yesterday's Gone is the ending track to the album it feels like a major switch up that doesn't exactly match the rest of album , it moves away from the rap genre and becomes an acoustic singer song writer vibe . Although it feels weird going from listening to a rap album to something that sounds like a B side from Fleetwood Mac its still a brilliant addition to the album.

So there you have it Loyle Carner's Yesterday's Gone is this weeks album of the week but on a side note I just want to say this guy is one to watch this year this album, to me is special not just for being a debut but just on its own. I've been watching interviews with Loyle and he seems like a decent  guy with his head in the game, and he seems like an artist you can get behind and support . So check out the album and remember the name Loyle Carner.

Music Videos

Pop: Ed Sheeran - Castle on The Hill: As I am sure the majority of the world is aware Ed Sheearn has came out of hibernation and this marks his first music video since coming back to music. This song itself is very nostalgic and the video matches this.  The video follows a young Ed Sheeran and his gang of friends getting up to mischief. It is a simple video, the lyrics are represent perfectly by the video , some people may argue that it is to on the nose and simple but then again that what videos are for , too represent the song and what it is saying and I like that Ed doesn't use any artistic metaphors in the video he just uses this video to bring his lyrics to life.

EDM: Marshmello - Summer: The video starts with Marshmello getting out of bed reminiscent of a 2000's coming of age movie , in fact I would say that is what the whole video is based on complete with a cute yet geeky love interest , a mean authority figure and eventually the main guy getting his girl. This is a solely instrumental track so if you are into that kind of thing this is definitely something you should check out its a very chilled out song that is perfect for car rides with friends.

Rap: Young Thug - Wyclef Jean: Now let me start this of by saying I think Young Thug is trash he is generic and basic in my opinion, but this video is rather brilliant. As the story goes  Ryan Staake Co directed the video with Young Thug, well that was the initial idea but as the video goes on it comes to light that Young Thug didn't get the message as the "rapper" and director never meet. The video describes the  situation and the conception of the video explaining that that Young Thug didn't even show up to the shot but nevertheless they had to continue. Now I do not know if this the full truth or a publicity stunt but the end result is brilliant, Staakes filming , editing and overall creativity is first class and this has now become one of my favorite music videos.

Rock: Pain Of Salvation - Reasons: Now this is a change of pace from the usual rock i write about but it dosen't change the fact that this is a brilliant song. This is a dark slow song matched with brilliant vocals , it is the time that leads you into to deep thought and completion . This is the first track o have hear from the band and I have to say I am really impressed they are so raw saying with the typical rock sound in a age of constant change.