Artist You Should Know: Tough Love

EDM is one of the fastest growing scenes in America today.  But did you know, that its origins took place across the pond?  Historically speaking, America’s biggest music movements have all originated from the UK.  The British wave in the 60’s with the Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd, and The Rolling Stones and again in the 80’s with groups like Def Leppard and Duran Duran.  Such is the case with what we call today EDM. 

Throughout the 70’s disco music thrived in the United States in both pop culture and the club scene.  But in the 1980’s it met an abrupt end, with the cultivation of hair metal bands.  While it met its end in the U.S., it was only just beginning its evolution in the United Kingdom.  Until the 70’s-80’s disco scene, music had been yet unaffected by fully synthesized music.  With acts such as Donna Summer and the Village people, that all changed.  Musicians began to develop backing tracks that were entirely manufactured in the studio, without traditional instruments.  Of course, this was at an elementary stage until the creation of House music in the 1980’s.  While it maintained some popularity in the U.S in hot spots like Chicago and New York, it began to fully blossom in Europe, where it became the most popular genre, especially in the nightclub scene. 

Throughout the next 30 years, electronic dance music has seen a myriad of transformations, from house to acid house to tempo to rave, etc.  It’s current form today and popularity came to fruition in the mid-2000’s with big name acts and festivals finding homes in the hot spots throughout the country.  When looking for new and up-and-coming talent it’s an exciting time in the U.S. for the genre, however its important to overlook the U.K dance scene.

That’s where we find this month’s Artist You Should Know.  Leading the new wave House charge is underground favorite Tough Love.  For the last few years, the duo has amassed a huge following not only in England but throughout all of Europe.  The duo, made up of Alex and Stefan, have maintained a life of reclusiveness.  While they aren’t quite on par with the duo of Daft Punk, who both wear helmets to conceal their identity, they don’t put much out about their personal lives.  What they do consistently put out however is high quality production dance music.  The duo have made themselves a distinctive sound, characterized by their heavy use of bass and upbeat tempo.  Like most great underground acts, the duo have amassed a staggering cult following.  Slowly but surely they have made their way into the limelight, being championed by radio station staples such as BBC1 as the next big thing.  Here are some videos showcasing just how good these two are.

So Freakin' Tight: The music video for the duo's smash hit So Freakin' Tight is about as quirky as the song itself.  The lyrics aren't much to be desired, rather opting for a minimalist approach.  The beat is simple enough, reminiscent of a disco/go-go era jam.  The beat drives the song and groove, with a xylophone-like instrumental.  The video shows a middle aged man donning chubbies causing a ruckus by the pool.  The video and song showcases just how the duo have ascended to the top with their fun and vibing production. 

Pony (Jump On It): On this hit, Tough Love sample the 1996 hit Jump On It by Ginuwine.  The duo was able to completely revive the popularity of this catchy tune. They also showed their affinity for past music scenes, as their music shows calls to 90's R&B and Electronica.

Touch ft. Arlissa: This video is, in my opinion, the standout of the group.  It's a neat play on the many perspectives and positions of people sleeping in bed together.  Some of them are tender and sweet, like the pregnant women holding her baby bump, while the others are funny as people awkwardly fit together in bed.