Artist You Should Know: Lucas Nord

As EDM continues to emerge as one of the more prevailing genres in the new era, it continues to highlight our column’s Artist You Should Know.  This month, we take a look at Sweden’s own Lucas Nord. 

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Lucas Nord seemed early on to be a sure bet in the music scene. As a teen, he attended the prestigious Rytmus Music School of Stockholm, where many other successful artists, such as Icona Pop and Zara Larsson, also learned their trade. In 2012, he managed to link up with then up-and-comer Tove Lo on the Billboard hit Run On Love.  While it wasn’t an immediate hit, it gave the young artist a push into the music business. Two years later in 2014, Nord found himself a bit lost. He casually played ice hockey, studied marketing in school while half heartedly trying to dabble with his music career.  He still tried to write here and there, but failed to yield anything in terms of releases or radio hits. Unlike most electronic artists, Nord made a niche in writing his own lyrics and music to go along with techno beats. His style made for a noticeable sound, but with life’s distractions he found his music could only go so far. In late 2014, he decided to make the full time move to London, where he could dedicate his life to his craft while making himself a known presence in the underground nightlife the city had to offer. In less than a year, Nord released his first EP, ‘After You.’ With his life now fully dedicated to music, Nord was able to impressively produce, write, sing, and mix the entire album himself. The album didn’t do much in terms of sales, but it did garner underground hype. Much so for the 2012 song Run On Love. In January of this year, the song reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs. Nord spent the remainder of the year releasing low profile YouTube videos of songs for a new album Company. 

Placing Nord under the Electronic genre can be very misleading. His raw singing range and instrumental affinity place him into a category of his own.  He has the talent, and now the dedication, to help make him one of the more promising stars coming up in 2016. Below are some of the tracks from the album, which came out in April.

Faking: The first track of Company is a perfect example of Nord’s impressive vocals. Instead of an all electronic backing, he opts for a simple guitar backing as he delivers a raw ballad about faking love. 

Don’t Need Your Love: The second track finds Nord leaning back on his electronic roots. It opens with a catchy synthetic verse. The video again displays his impressive range. His attraction to the black and white aesthetic also lends to his artistic mindset. He has a hipster appeal while simultaneously coming off as edgy with his techno savvy. 

While the new album still feels very raw and young, it lends a look into the future of a promising music career of a Swedish music protege. In 2014, this young man found his career hopes dwindling, but a move to London saved the music career of one of Europe's more auspicious youth talent. Life often offers us open doors--lets be glad that Lucas Nord decided to walk through his.