Artist You Should Know: Louis Berry


I first came across Louis Berry a couple of months ago, on twitter and every time I listen to his music I’m thankful I did. So, if you haven’t heard of Louis Berry let me give you a run down. He grew up in England, Liverpool he was signed in 2015 after playing just two gigs, and if that isn’t impressive I don’t know what is. His sound has influences from Tupac to Johnny Cash giving him an interesting sound.

.45: After his set on BBC's  Introducing stage there was a lot of buzz around this song . This is a great song with similarities on the intro to Path of a Lightning Bolt by British artist Jake Bugg. Louis demonstrates his full ability on this track especially lyrically and vocally. The video left me confused , I'm not going to lie. The video has so much going on with short clips of different people doing a range of things from a sword fighting class to boxing training to a card game. I get the feeling that there is a theme of old and new with younger people imitating the acts of their elders. This video feels like a propaganda video, with the volume of short clips and certain violent scenes. 

Restless: While listening to the track I feel that Louis has some type of chaotic control on his vocals he can be emotional and delicate on the softer bits but when it gets to certain parts he releases this beast of a voice that Howlin Wolf himself would be proud of. The video starts in what appears to be someones grandparent's home then chaos erupts as a man and woman rip the old fashioned room apart. The video goes on to a variety of frozen scenes featuring a couple about to hook up , a scary man with a dog and a cards game once again. Ultimately the video ends in a big riot between young people dressed with bandanas and hoodies and the police.

Nicole: This Song has kind of a Black Keys vibe , the video follows Louis trying to seduce a lady named Nicole and persuade her to leave her current boyfriend for him .I feel that Nicole isn't as lyrically strong as other songs but it has a catchy tune and Lyrics perfect for live shows.The video  is playful and flirty featuring some brilliant dad dancing from Louis. Louis is probably one of few guy to look cool in a turtle neck 

So, to recap if you like bluesy rock music with a beautifully rough vocals Louis berry is the man to check out. Being on the ground floor of any artists before they hit it big feels great so don't miss out your chance to do it with Louis Berry because we all love a talented Brit.

Twitter-   louisberry

YouTube- Louis Berry Official