Artist You Should Know: Craig Eddie

Scottish cover artist Craig Eddie is one of millions of people online covering songs by popular artists, but what is refreshing about Eddie is on each cover he tries to make them different by adding little bits here and there instead of just preforming the same way the original artist dose he really makes every song his own.

It seems Eddie has covered nearly every Catfish and the Bottlemen song along with some killers , James Bay , Palol Nutini and more . Each one is better than the last, showing his improvement through every cover proving his passion and talent.

While preforming his own stuff his style is very indie, I feel that Eddie is very early on in his career so I believe his style and sound will change in time. His sound right now is rough and very pure his songs are quite short but he will definitely come together to be a truely incredible artist over time. 

Take You Back: As well as providing covers he has a couple of original songs that showcase huge potential. “Take You Back” was the first original song I heard from Craig and I thought it was brilliant it is still my favorite original from him. I can hear a lot of influence from Catfish and The Bottlemen which is probably why I love it so much but Craig is still able to make this is own song instead of a poor attempt to mimic Van McCann. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are passionately delivered.

Nothing Worth Fighting For: Nothing Worth Fighting For is another great tune from a song based around cheating and the regrets of getting into a relationship with a cheater this song may not have the most original topic but the song is brilliant Eddies voice is perfect for the track and I have to say this is the first track where i believe Eddie's sound is 100% original this is him creating his own sound and his own style.

Just Leave: This is one of the latest songs from Craig and it really shows his progression, he is really coming into his own sound as an artist. There is still work to be done on the lyrics but this track showcase true potential. 

Now I know people may look at Craig and just see another cover artist but I see more than that , I see proper old school potential. His DIY attitude to this whole thing really embraces the essence of indie his style is back to roots ,nothing fancy just him and a guitar he isn’t trying to be anything but him which for me is perfect. I believe this guy has the potential to be the next big thing on the indie scene in the UK he is definitely one to watch I can see him open for the likes of Catfish in the next 5 years. Links to his Youtube and Facebook are Below.

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