With Jedi Challenge Lenovo Brings Star Wars Down On Earth

Anyone who’s an arts and entertainment aficionado has always craved to emulate the look of their favorite actors, the sound of their favorite bands or the scenes of their favorite movie.

This is particularly true when it comes to film and fiction. Whether it’s literature, cinema or comic books, the analysis and revisitation of characters’ traits, behind the scenes’ details and stories behind the making are almost as important to the audience as the actual movie, book or show being put on.

Science fiction, in this context, has always been king. The make believe portrayed in comic books and movies have long been the source of fascination and intrigue for millions of viewers, who ask nothing but being able to relive the adventures that kept their eyes stuck on a screen for hours in their real life.

One of the brands that more than any other has been a constant influence on the imagination of many is most certainly Star Wars. Every Star Wars fan has dreamed of living the enchanting galactic battles narrated in the famous saga, no doubt about it.

When sitting on a couch playing video games isn’t the kick you are really craving for, Lenovo comes to the rescue with a device that provides a life-like enactment of the very scenes you always wanted to be the protagonist of.

The Jedi Challenge, in fact, consists of a three-piece kit which includes a headset, a motion controller in the shape of a lightsaber and a tracking beacon. What makes this piece of technology so intriguing is the fact that it allows you to place your phone in the headset and the mirrors on the inside will enhance the quality of your interaction with the characters, for an overall superior experience.

The headset is easy to adjust thank to elastic straps placed on top and on the sides. The cameras built into the headset work with the beacon to track movement and the lightsaber controls your actions. Moreover, although the unit is made of plastic, Lenovo added soft padding for your forehead and cheekbones to rest on.

The three buttons on it will allow you to start, pause and exit the game like a regular video game, only this unit will allow to actually step into your tv and start playing with the characters of the game.

Setting it up doesn’t require any sparks of genius, either. Once all the components are fully charged, all you need to do is download the app and hook it up to your phone via bluetooth and your adventure can begin.

Lenovo’s tech uses mixed-reality hologram effects and the headset gives the illusion that 3D images are floating around you. Those images are kept alive around you by a glowing ball-shaped light that sits on the ground and plays the role of an anchor, so that your gaming won’t experience any interruptions and your headset can constantly track your movements.

Upon starting the game, you will be introduced to a new character called the Archivist, who will act as a guide and take you through a tutorial session on Planet Naboo, where you will learn to use the lightsaber for attack and defense by going against droids before battling Darth Maul.

Once you have completed your training, you will be taken over to other planets before reaching your final destination called “The Core” where you will be given a set on mysterious challenges.

Lenovo has also revealed that a free update is issued for users, that includes new characters and lightsaber battles which will take place on planet Crait. Moreover, users will have a chance to duel against two Praetorian Guards, new Strategic Combat levels and the introduction of Porgs for the time in augmented reality.

All of this can be yours for $150.