Winter’s Coming, Alcohol Can Help


Dom Perignon has once again evolved and perfected the art of wine, its essence, and its character. It’s their Plentitude Deuxieme, the second of the vintage variety, that brings us a wine for winter winds and racing rain. Introducing, their P2 2000.

While their first version revealed the complex combination of fresh, summer vibes, their second focus on the bitterness of the atmosphere and how they could transform such greyness into liquid gold.

This 16-year matured wine is described as the drink fruity orange drink, exuding brioche-sweet taste yet miraculously mingled with stone grey tones. “Iodine” they say, as if it were a taste rather periodic element. What other wine could fathom such uniqueness?

“The length is exquisitely bitter and abounds with sap, a mingling of liquorice and toasted malt... an intensity with a new expression."

Make your winter meals match your winter wine. A beef stock, perhaps even a heavy ravioli, can perfectly provoke the taste of the wine on the palate. Get fancier with caviar – always a safe food to pair wine with – or try fish, artichokes, even fried potatoes. Make your menu as exotic as the wine itself. Stick to the heartier tastes: mushroom risotto, a beef bourguignon, or a sweet potato quiche. Bring out the warmth you crave during the season you need it most, and do it with a full glass in your hand.

Find it here online for $395.