There’s No Going Back From Roche Bobois’ Bubble Curved Sofa


Roche Bobois has just came out with another brilliant piece for stylish furniture lovers and design aficionados. Bubble Curved Sofa is, in fact, the perfect marriage between comfort, practicality and impeccable style.

This sofa’s outlook will certainly seem very cartoon like, but that’s precisely the point. This piece has an ironic and irreverent quality which without a doubt matches and stems from the company’s tradition and design habits.

The design brings to mind a puffy cloud, which certainly reflects Roche Bobois’ intention to comfort the body as well the eye with this product. The fabrication of the bubble curved sofa is also quite interesting as it requires the development of an innovative textile called Techno 3D. This unique fabric is strong and extendable in three directions, which allows for the creation of for the well rounded and tight shapes.

The bubble sofas, however, are now also available in Techno 4D fabric as well as in alternating bands of colours as part of the new 2017 Roche Bobois Collection

The seat and backrest are made of a bi-density foam based on a solid wood frame. The sofa is available in several colours and two dimensions, as armchair and with a matching ottoman in different sizes.

The manufacturing is done entirely by hand and its intricate mixture of creative design and well researched material required the development of a new, stretchable fabric, which contains a black jersey that keeps the shape in great conditions and a very soft honeycomb wool attached on top.

This large two-seat’s original look is the encounter of the traditional lines of the backrest and the extravagant shape of the armrests and it sure didn’t fail to get attention from  industry experts. The bubble curved sofa, in fact, received the gold award in the product category of the Design Awards 2015.

Renowned design professionals and and international jury ineed recognized the outstanding work that Roche Bobois has done with this product and. The awards are organised by Design Luxembourg.

This sofa is entirely padded. Moreover, it features a shaped bi-density high resiliency foam: 35-22 for the seat cushion and 30-22 kg/m3 for the back cushion, high resiliency elastic straps suspension as well as a structure in solid wood, plywood and engineered composite wood.

Roche Bobois was born 1950 as the result of the union of two families, the Roches and the Chouchans. Jacques Roche started the project by purchasing the old Alexandre Dumas theater on rue de Lyon and building two stores.

The company took off and started selling and distributing contemporary furniture inspired by designers such as  Minvielle, Steiner, Airbourne, Pierre Paulin and Marc Berthier. The store was located in Paris on Boulevard Sébastopol at "Au Beau Bois", which later became Bobois.

More than 50 years have passed and Roche Bobois is still growing and expanding. At the beginning of the 21st century, in fact, a number of stores were opened in prestigious cities of the world, from the former Lupari palace of Bologna to the futuristic buildings of Montreal.

Moreover, the company kept developing fruitful relationships and collaborations with several renowned designers such as Ora Ito, Cédric Ragot, Sacha Lakic, Christophe Delcourt, Stephen Burksas well as and with global fashion houses like Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel Maison, Missoni Home.

Today, Roche Bobois has a presence in 50 countries with an international network of more than 250 stores and A few months ago, Roche Bobois opened its very own creative laboratory in Monaco: La Galerie Roche Bobois.

This stunning piece of furniture can be yours for $7,000