The Montague Boston Folding Bike

Montague has just debuted a sleek new folding bike for style conscious men. In typical Montague fashion, the Boston bike comes in matte black, giving off an effortless sense of style. Distinguishable from any standard ride, it is the first available 700c single speed folding bike. The bike can be folded in a mere 20 seconds, reducing its size to just 36 inches wide, 28 inches high, and 12 inches deep. Storage will no longer be an issue when traveling with your vehicle. The Boston has a starting price of $699.95, but with its durable appeal, it is certainly worth the investment. What makes the bike stand out among the rest? 

“Single speed and fixed gear bikes have long been the choice of couriers who ride our city streets day in and day out because they’re durable, lightweight and virtually maintenance free. The Boston takes it to the next level with a folding design that makes owning a bike and getting around the city even easier. Men looking for a convenient and eye catching bike need look no further than the Boston,” said Ryan Walas, Director of Marketing for Montague Bikes. 

The attribute that makes these bikes stand out is their ability to become mobile without sacrificing the big frame that riders enjoy. With the innovative design, Montague has created the first full-size single speed bike with a folding design. It is ideal for urban living, as a way to quickly move about the city without worrying about traffic on a morning commute or crowded public parking. Feel like stopping for that first cup of coffee before work? The folding feature enables you to bring your bike inside with its compact element. The bike can even be more compact by popping the wheel off and turning the handlebars sideways to detach the spender as well. With this hassle-free way to travel, there is more time for leisure in your daily routine. It is suitable for a variety of riders, available in two different sizes, including a 19in frame for riders 5’3″ to 5’10” and a 21in frame for people 5’11” to 6’4”. 

The bike opts for a great look, but a simple mechanism that can easily be used, while traveling in the city. Shifting gears is easy with easy access to the twist grip shifter on the handlebar. The bike also features internal hubs, which are sealed off, becoming protected from hazardous weather conditions that can cause long term damage. It is maintenance free, so commuters can expect a consistent ride without worrying about issues that might delay a crucial trip.

Can’t get enough of Montague’s thrilling designs? 

As per the website, “The Boston is part of Montague’s 11 all-new bike models for 2016 that feature the same folding frame design. The 2016 line-up includes six road and five mountain bikes ranging in price from $639.95 to $2,449.00.”