The Hype that is Hendricks

“A Peculiar sort of deliciousness” was born in 1999: an odd perfection that is Hendricks Gin. What was once a sporadically concocted drink in a family distillery in Scotland is now a popularly-enjoyed beverage worldwide, with a tale as intricate as its website’s design.

The story begins in the late 1800s with Mr. William Grant and his seven sons and two daughters, all working tirelessly to create a subtle, fresh yet delicate spirit. Nearly 50 years and two grandsons later, two unusual stills are purchased in hopes of a newer, better product. And so, with four more decades of work, a measly thought dawns upon the family that the two stills should be mixed, creating an odd yet ever-so-endearing “symphony” of botanicals within a beverage. Hints of cucumber and rose marinate in the husky taste of gin, creating the unusually brilliant liquor.

Combining botanical-influenced flavors and spirits was a bold but perfect idea for the alcohol-consuming world. Popularity immediately flourished and the family distillery found themselves in need of more staff for more productivity. As of now, nothing’s changed. Business Insider reports the drink to have “made a splash” in the “burgeoning twee dimension of millennial sensibility” when it comes to drinks and spirits. What’s especially noted is their sizable Victorian imagery that bring consumers face-to-face with a 19th-century mustached gentlemen, begging its buyer for a sip. Hendricks holds a high applause for its continual uniqueness and level of intrigue, inside and out the bottle.

A small batch of this good stuff typically means 1,000 litres or fewer. More often than not, Hendrick’s distills in minuscule amounts (about 500 litres) giving greater control to the distiller’s artistry. The overall starting price cashes in at $36 for 750 milliliters of the excellence, nearly $70 for 1.75 liters. For an 88-proof liquor ranked outstandingly high in popularity, it is worth every penny.

The Treasure of Tipples provides every lost spirit-mixing soul with a gentle guide to the best beverage. Strictly for viewer entertainment, Hendricks website provides an interactive spin wheel to find the perfect drink and learn all about its texture, character and strength. Create one of those Drinks That Go Bonk in the Night (there are three!), or maybe one for Tea Time. Better yet, serve it on the rocks: a simple mixture made to enjoy the simpler things in life.