The Flottebo: a Couch of the Future


The Great American struggle for the perfect sofa is over. Ikea, once again, provides us with the best. 

This sleeper seater’s inners are plush with a foamy, felt-covered cushion. There’s no wrong way to sit: back pads are inter-changable and easy to maneuver, independently following every curve and angle of your body. And the sofa easily transforms for an overnight guest stay.

The side table is also adjustable; angle it for that perfect forearm reach, whether it be for the remote, popcorn, or computer. And in the night? Lower it to make a bedside stand.

When all is said and done, lift the mattress from some underground storage (and major convenience). Watch a movie, email, or have a dinner party. The couch could fit it all. 

The Flottebo comes in three colors: Lofallet Beige, Lysed Dark Gray, or Lysed Green. It stretches just under 4 feet long and 6.5 feet wide. Cushions are 1.5 feet of plush comfort, while the actual couch itself stands at over 2.5 feet. Mattress is Polyurethane foam with a felt liner (do not bleach, just wipe softly). Table top is Birch plywood, Clear acrylic lacquer (also, do not bleach!). Ikea provides us with five different manuals, on paper and via internet, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of buyers and assemblers.

Ikea lists the couch at $529, not including shipping. pick up is free, assembling advice is definitely free, and your satisfaction is priceless.