The Exotic and Historic Taste Of Old Captain Rum


Good liquor can be rich and warm in flavor, smell and overall outlook and still be cheap. This is the case of Old Captain Rum. A product of the historic Boomsma Distillery, the gold/dark rum 37.5% (75 proof) alcohol is the blend of a few different Caribbean rums.

The tasting does in fact reveal its exotic whereabouts, namely that of a dark rum with a smell that isn't overwhelming strong, but smells a bit warm. A sporadic hint of caramel makes its appearance on occasion, as the label also reveals: well matured.

The overall taste, however, is best suited for a strong palate that really enjoys a stern flavor that explodes in all its richness all at once near the back of the tongue and make its way back to the rest of it.

The slight tickle on the sides will transform the metaphorical warmth of this rum into reality, and your mouth, tongue and throat will experience that. The heavy punch of the alcohol, however, quickly fades away in the mouth which, meanwhile, has had time to get used to it and fully appreciate its benign aggressivity.  

Such strength does not go missing upon mixage with other drinks. The dark and bitter taste remains, understandably in a more mellow way, while keeping and highlighting all of its features.

Old Captain’s richness and strength are only the fair projection of a distillery that is equally rich and strong in its character, ethos and history. Being now at its 5th generation, the distillery was started by Dirk Boomsa in 1883 when he registered his  wholesale business in colonial goods and distilled drinks with the Chamber of Commerce in Leeuwarden. The company, which was located at the Oldehoofster Kerkhof in the Frisian capital, supplied groceries and bitters to stores and cafés all across the province.

After being relocated in the Grote Kerkstraat  in order to reach a larger clientele, the company starts selling its products outside Friesland. Dirk and his successor Jodocus Boomsma would travel by train to Stavoren for instance, by boat to Enkhuizen and then by train again to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The brand keeps gaining popularity all over the country while expanding and a period of steady growth then follows. The focus shifts to exports and the sale of the company's own spirits increases substantially. Quality wines are also included in the catalogue for the first time.

Today Saskia and Chantoine Boomsma (the fifth generation) are in charge of business and the company is as more active and prolific than ever. Boomsma is not only known for its distilled products  but also for the import and sale of more than 300 wines, whose provenience ranges from all over Europe.

What makes this company so intriguing is that notwithstanding the fact that the first bottle was produced over 100 years ago the governance of the enterprise still belong to the Boomsma family, which certainly sets them apart from many other contemporary distilleries.

They clearly praise themselves and embrace their heritage and tradition and somehow transfer it into their products, which today consist of an extensive range of drinks, many of which are still distilled and bottled in house.

In order to ensure that such outstanding tradition is cherished and acknowledge the now in charge fifth generation of Boomsma has built a charming Museum in the city center of Leeuwarde, with tasting rooms where guests are allowed to taste not only the refreshing flavor of their products but to also experience and delve into their history.

The brand, as said above, has been growing consistently and steadily. Numerous are, in fact, the requests for whisky, vodka and rum as well as their famous quality wines from other countries.

The price is a tempting $6 for a 70CL bottle, the flavor is worth so much more.