Test your speed with Tesla’s Model S sedan (0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, to be exact). With a new style, engine, and price, Tesla’s S hits markets with all the extra elements it needs for success.

Starting with the most important part of a car – the engine – Tesla equips the model with an electric all-wheel drive dual motor. With a high performance ear motor and an equally as high efficient front one, the car can race as quickly as it can cruise. This conventional; all-wheel drive car employs complex links in the mechanics in order to distribute power from a single engine to all four wheels. As complex as it sounds, Tesla just gives buyers better traction in all different types of weather, certifying the car in terrain efficiency. This is perfect for the drifters: each journey’s unpredictable weather will be combatted with the greatest of mechanics.

All companies hold the promise of safety and their dedication to bringing consumers the best security – Tesla makes it actually happen. Said to be the safest car on the road, the car owes the name to the unique electric drivetrain that sits directly beneath the car's aluminum occupant cell. In other words, mechanical engineering has devised a mechanism within a car frame that positions the car’s center of gravity lower, improving handling while minimizing both roll-over risks and impact absorption. Eight airbags surround [the five-seated] passengers for the certified deployment of last-minute safety; and, when released, the car also automatically disconnects the high voltage power source (preventing the risk of becoming flammable).

Now for the fun stuff. There’s a 17-inch touchscreen in the front of the car that controls all functions including: opening the glass panoramic roof, controlling air quality and temperature, radio and auxiliary, media searches, navigation, communication and phone calls, back-up camera, calendar and even specific vehicle data. With system updates available overtime, it’s almost a driver’s own personal car computer. Cell died? Plug it in and watch the data sync to the personalized screen – a smart car for a smart phone.

Want to check out the car’s range? Visit the homepage to play with numbers and temperatures to find the exact speeds at exact times. See the conditions that affect such and learn just everything there is to know about this Tesla experience.

Customize an order from its wheels to its technology (high recommend the premium upgrade package - $80.00/month - with the heated seats for those subzero ski trips). Lease a rear-wheel drive model for $790.00/month, or $870.00/month for an all-wheel experience. Look forward to less fuel fees (that’s right, Tesla’s S Model is electric and environmentally advanced) and more miles covered. There’s even an option of lending instead of leasing (approved credit customers only, valid in any state), but we’re certain once you’ve gotten taste, you’ll never want to give it up.