Subaru’s New Forester 2019 Epitomizes Driver And Passenger Safety On The Road

Japanese automotive giant, Subaru, cruised into 2019 with the all new Forester, enabling drivers with innovative safety features, an updated modest engine, and even more space for comfort.

The company believes that “the most important thing about a Subaru is who is inside one,” and they certainly have shown that by putting in extensive care into ensuring the safety of the drivers and passengers with ‘Standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology.’ Two cameras on the front of the car act like another set of eyes for the driver by scanning the road ahead and alerting the driver, and sometimes intervening, almost like a self driving car. Almost.  

One of EyeSight’s features is the Pre Collision braking, which scans the road ahead to detect obstruction and automatically brings the vehicle to a full stop in the case of emergency.

The vehicle is also capable of scanning lanes and alerts the driver before lane departure if the vehicle is swaying off the grid. Moreover, the Lane Steer feature will intervene in emergency situations and help steer the car back into the designated lane.

EyeSight also boasts an Adaptive Cruise Control, which helps the driver maintain the flow of traffic by scanning the vehicle ahead and automatically reduces speed to maintain the same distance as before.

Finally, with Pre Collision Throttle Management, the vehicle will respond appropriately if the vehicle in front has slowed down or stopped unexpectedly.

Safety doesn’t stop there with the Forester. Their implementation of StarLink Safety and Security to their vehicles grants the driver peace of mind when they’re not in the vehicle as well. With Boundary, Speed and Curfew alerts, the vehicle recognises up to five drivers and their driving preferences along with alerting the owner of the vehicle is in out of bound areas.

For all those living in colder climates, here is the best part about StarLink. Subaru’s Climate Control lets the driver pre-set the temperature of the car directly from their smartphone. So, the next time there is blasting windchill or snow in your face and you’re dreading the walk back from the train station to the car after work, just hop on your phone and set the temperature of your car ahead of time. This feature is so important in the colder months, especially during East Coast winters - and only those who have experienced these bone chilling winters will fully comprehend the benefits of this feature.   

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While the company has kept safety their first priority, the engine of this vehicle doesn’t justify the compact SUV body. The 2.5L-V-shaped -four-cylinder engine only provides 182 horsepower for the 1500 pound car. With an amazing 8.5 inches of ground clearance and LED headlights with steering focus, the car is good to cruise around in town, but will roar unpleasantly if the driver tries to test the pick up speed, despite the All Wheel Drive. The mileage of the Forester (26-City/33-Highway) although efficient, is unimpressive despite having a low horsepower and torque.

The panoramic sunroof along with Subaru’s in-built Wifi, are plus points in the Forester. Subaru understood consumer needs and trends and equipped their latest release with heated steering, for those chilling evenings when it feels like you are driving an icicle.

The company gives good competition to its competitors for vehicles in the same price range. Starting at $24,295, the Subaru Forester 2019 is definitely worth the price, however buyers can get better cars in the same price range. The Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 has the same features as the Forester, but with a better, faster and a stronger engine, also with horsepower of 224.

The Subaru Forester 2019 is a good pick for first time new car owners, but for enthusiast drivers, the vehicle falls short in providing quick, fast thrills. The vehicle is designed with safety in mind first, so naturally if you are someone for a need for speed, this is not the car for you. However, if you are someone who could use the extra set of eyes on the road, especially for the price that it is, go for this vehicle.