St. George Botanivore Gin

When it comes to gin, or any alcohol for that matter, deciding what flavor profile suits you best is key.  What alcohol suits you is purely based off your individual taste, but sometimes a bit of adventure can go a long way.

Which takes us to our discussion on the St. George Botanivore Gin, a gin that takes the word “botanical” to the next level. Botanical in the sense that herbal flavors are mixed in and extracted for their flavors during the brewing process.

The St. George Botanivore is no stranger to this process. Brewed by St. George Spirits, this unique gin infused with the flavors of over 19 herbs and spices will provide the consumer with a flavor they have never tasted before.

The infusion process starts by layering the juniper berries, bay laurel and fresh cilantro in their botanical basket. From here the other 16 ingredients, ranging from coriander to dill seed, are then steeped to mixture. The mixture is left in 1,500-liter copper pot overnight. Per the St. George Spirits website, the following morning, gentle steam is applied to the pot which allows the infusion of the flavors and over 800 bottles of the gin are ready to be shipped that day.

Unique, tasty and certainly a mouthful, the St. George Botanivore Gin is a gin for enthusiasts and first-time drinkers alike, rated as one of the top gins from publications across the United States including Sunset Magazine, Esquire and Wine Enthusiast.

While the gin is perfectly able to stand on its own, the St. George Spirits websites offers a few different cocktail ideas to pair the unique gin with. One such cocktail that is available to see on the distillers website is the “California Negroni.” This consists of 1 oz. of St. George Botanivore Gin, 1 oz. Greenbar Grand Poppy Liquor, 1 oz. Vya Sweet Vermouth, ½ oz. fresh grapefruit juice, ¼ oz. Bar Cart Cocktail Co. Spring Bitters.

St. George Botanivore Gin can be found at most retailers and the distiller website for a price of $33.