Smarter, Quicker, Better: Mi Technology


Looking to replace an iPhone? The Mi 5 might just be the solution.

The Snapdragon 820 has a 4-axis OIS camera with 3D glass reflection, perfect for photo-opt moments. As for speed, the processor comes complete with an Adreno 530 GPU up to 40% faster than previous models, docking in with a UFS flash that is 87% faster than the leading brand. Too much tech talk? Not to worry, all the innovations above are centered around better graphics control and signal, raising the phone to impeccable standards.

One of the top features of this phone is its aesthetics. The Mi 5 is big on attributes to this model, titling it “like art to be admired." Android gave it 13 centimeters of screen room with a 3D glass body display. Creating it thinner, with a minuscule high density batter and barely even a bulge for the camera, its side view is sleeker than any of its predecessors. It’s smooth and sleek texture combined with it’s light weight feel create a grip not to let go of.

But sometimes a phone isn’t meant to be admired. Android gives customers a state-of-the-art camera from lens to sensor. It also has a DTI (deep trench isolation) image enhancement and a flagship image processor. All bring the screen a higher quality, purer and sharper focus. As for the editing options, the software Beautify intelligently guesses age (from toddler to wrinkles) in order to better any selfie taken. This neat and quirky feature surprisingly generates sizable hype, being the first quality selfie-help to please people of truly all ages. And, like most phone cameras, the panorama pictures hold such a professional look, producing artistic shots that are as captivating as the view itself.

Battery life also exceeds its expectations. For a phone so powerful, speed and vitality aren’t compromised. A 14-nm processed core generates just what the Mi 5 needs to stay juiced up, whiling the UFS 2.0 saves memory up to 87% faster. More life and more memory?

Calling it well-loved by over 170 million users, Mi raves about the phone’s interest and satisfaction. It’s up to consumers for their own design and is compatible with other Android devices, making it as convenient as it is unique. For 32 gb of storage, the phone’s priced at $305.00; $355.00 for 64 gb. Perhaps a purchase is in order. Shop online for the complete details and enjoy in person as soon as possible.