Silver In Every Sip


Start your night in silver. With the crystal clear, fruity taste of Patrón, the night begins smooth and sweet.

Patrón bases their craft off of perfectly ripened agave- eight years of taste in the making. They go the extra mile to take great care of the Weber Blue Agave, measuring sugar content as they strip away each leaf. At the heart of the plant, they find greatness.

They bake the hearts (piñas) in small brick ovens - except this is no a pizza. An even cook doesn’t lead to a cheesy, saucy slice of dough, rather, a pristine bake that gets a two-ton volcanic stone Tahona wheel and a roller mill. It ferments for three more days, distills, then ages in handmade barrels. Two months later, its ready for consumption.

Patrón advocates its ecofriendly irrigation, distilling, and bottling. They go the extra mile- recycling the agave byproduct to produce more perfection. Take the tour to find out more, but if Eco-awareness isn’t enough to sell you, let the taste speak for itself.

Patrón Silver is a distilled Mexican tequila an alcohol content of 40%. Shots of the hard stuff might be too much to conquer in a night, so Patron provides cocktail guides for each of their tequila editions. Beginners can enjoy Silver in a Haceienda Margarita - an orange citrus taste blended with agave sweetness. The experts go for the Mojito – an interesting spin on a usual rum-base drink. Whether sweet or minty, each pack a punch.  Perhaps the best is the standard Old Fashion for the real treat for the comfort, or their very own Rosa Picante Margarita for the ultimate tequila creativity.

Order online for $60.00, $5.00 for shipping. Get it in-store for regular price. Search your nearest liquor store selling it via the product locator. Overall, get your hands on it. Quick.