Seated in Style

Every great man needs a throne. 

This twenty-first century version of a king’s seat gets a practical upgrade. Dogg & Arnved designers at Ligne Roset have created a chair perfect for optimal relaxation, privacy, and all-around comfort, without the added bulk and flashy aesthetic. Roset is based on the French countryside along the Bugey Mountains. The family has been manufacturing furniture since 1860, putting in over 150 years of perfect. Their latest and greatest has consumers of housing decor absolutely floored.

The inspiration for The Fifty sparked from the Flag Halyard chair, a similar one made from rope and metal, but design seventy years outdated. And since creativity and modern luxury are two very important key factors of all Ligne Roset products, a new armchair was created to showcase greatness.

Its minimalistic approach in aesthetic design is as much as an eye-turner as is the deft in each stitch of woven rope (330 meters of polypropylene, to be exact). The privacy is another large selling-point. Each chair has side panels that offer the feeling of selected seclusion. More importantly, each chair comes equipped with a footstool for guaranteed comfort.

In terms of technical specifications, the base is comprised of treated steel and black polyester, designed to combat corrosion and UV rays. It makes for the perfect outdoor seating, but can very well be an indoor item. Contemplating on where to put it is the buyer’s hardest decision. Purchasing, however, is an easy persuasion. There are two different colors to choose from, black and grey, and other add-ons to consider. For instance, a foam seat cushion created to decrease humidity during use is offered, and highly recommended for consumers’ pleasure and product satisfaction. 

Deciding where to place the product is also not a problem. The Fifty is perfect for any background lounge, indoor or out, and can easy be readjusted between settings.

Starting price has the chair listed at $1,730.00, not including shipping and handling. Not to worry, access to Ligne can be as physical as is digital. New York City residents can find them on Wooster Street, SOHO, and on Park Avenue, Midtown. Not from the East Coast?  Not a problem. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco storefronts run the west end of America, North to South. And, finally, there are countless locations nationwide.

People spend about 13 hours of their day sitting. The least that can be done is to spend it in something comfortable.