Nothing Combines Style And Modernity Better Than EQ3’s Matt Rocker


For all those with a fascination for mid-century modern looks, Eq3 is a must. The Canadian-based home furniture company is the perfect synthesis of affordability and stylish sophistication. Their Matt Rocker chair is the indictment of it.

Neither a modern loft nor a contemporary living room would be matching its style potential if a Matt Rocker chair is not in it. Featuring cowhide upholstery, chrome accent arms and base, this chair is available in a numerous amount of different fabrics and leathers, which will contribute toi create your very own customized product.

It also features webbing in seat and seat back and metal is the material used for the arm runner which is attached to the base, to ultimately create an intentional whimsical and humorous silhouette, which nevertheless remains high-scoring in terms of style and appeal.  

Matt Rocker comes from a Winnipeg-based EQ3, a company established in 2001 under the direction of President and CEO Peter Tielmann. Upon moving to Canada from Germany, Tielmann set himself the goal of filling the modern furniture void in North America. After 17 years the company has cleary earned its spot in the furniture industry by aiming at incorporating craftsmanship and customizable offerings to its products, while keeping the prices affordable.

By combining all of these elements, EQ3 managed to build a reputation for creating contemporary-looking pieces of furniture for every room of the house, with comfort and affordability at its core.

EQ3’s combination of functional, clean and customizable designs and approachable prices is incarnated in one creative director Thom Fougere. Now 30 years old, he made his way to is position at just 24, after graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in architecture.

His passion for smaller scales, pushed him toward designing armchairs, umbrella stands and well-trimmed consoles rather than buildings and his first doing once part of the EQ3 family was to rebrand the company by revamping all of its stores and graphics.

CEO Peter Tielmann, on the other hand, founded EQ3 after cutting his teeth working at Palliser Furniture. The absence of qualitative products within the low medium price range, pushed him to cultivate the idea of targeting a new demographic, more modern-oriented.

After founding EQ3 for this specific purpose, Tielmann started selling his products through big retailers such as Sears Homelife. A franchise started growing, along the company’s popularity around North America. Until Tielmann decides to buy all of the Canadian franchise.  

In order for the company to better cultivate its ideals and concept, EQ3 had to have full control over each store, which might have otherwise ended up being run very successfully but not reflecting the very concept the company holds.

That way, EQ3 managed to designed their own stores as well as their products. Tielmann often expressed his intention to show products without anything else around it, in empty space, so to create what he calls a concept store.

Another fundamental aspect that differentiate EQ3 from other low prices-oriented companies such as IKEA is the material chosen and the way each product is made. While a EQ3 chair may look similar to an IKEA one, after a scrupulous analysis the differences are many. However, the main aspect EQ3 praises itself with is their attractability when it comes to long lasting, qualitative and stylish furniture.

Elements like full customization and “made in Canada”, moreover, offer yet another appealing features to consumers who can walk into a EQ3 store and order a chair in a massive variety of fabrics, configurations and sizes and have it delivered at their door in only 3 weeks. Something which would be impossible to do when based offshore.

You can make Matt Rocker yours now for $680.