Lofted in Luxury


A creative creation of space is no easy task. Let Ikea guide those feeling a bit lost.

Lofting beds is more than just a college kid’s idea of making the most out of their small dorming space. In fact, many young adults (living on on their own or with roommates) utilize the bunk bed phenomena to its upmost potential. 

Ikea’s STORÅ Loft bed , listed at $300.00, brings customers the best for less. The frame stretches over seven feet with a bed width just under 5 feet – perfect for a majority of full/double mattress sizes. The ladder can be mounted on the left or right side of the bed. And the color? A sleek black.

But before investing in the product make sure to check the home its going to.  Minimum ceiling height required is 8’ 10” and it should be placed in an area open for ladder space. Additionally, because the frame is made of solid pine and sustainable wood, cleaning and care should be done with a wet cloth or mild cleaner so no accidental damage can occur.

Now for the real questions. How does one get it? Ordering online is as easy as a couple clicks and having a credit card (Ikea takes all cards, and ships to all fifty states). What about store pick-up? Absolutely available and encouraged.  Are there instructions included for assembly? Yes and highly recommended to follow in order to produce best results. And if there is no satisfaction? Ikea’s no-nonsense 365 day policy allows for speedy returns and refunds on undamaged products, with or without a receipt.

One cannnot create space out of thin air, but can certainly make it appear so. Grab a loft bed and see what can be done for a more unique, stylish, an practical way of furnishing. Perhaps the hardest part is deciding what to put underneath it.