Hooper’s Hallelujah


A cheerful “cheers” to Hooper’s new Plum & Sloe refreshment is in order.

Hooper’s has been creating alcoholic refreshments since the Shakespearean Era, shaping the way Brits drink and enjoy a beverage with close-to-home flavors. The taste of things like Cloudy Apple or Elderflower rise in popularity only in Great Britain because of their unique palate and interest in such [typically] strange flavors. In America, it’s a Bud Light that streams the market heavily. But across the pond? A drink with a simple sort of elegance.

Plum & Sloe sparkling brew stays true to unique and sophisticated nature of British refreshments. Rich autumnal tones of plum race the tongue with dry, fragrant infusion of sloes – a perfect balance. It goes down easy – almost too easy – and its last drops begs for another full order. One could get fancy, maybe try “Dandelion & Burdock,” but another dose of Plum is just as tantalizing.

The Brits have been mixing fun fruit flavors and alcohol for centuries. Hard Ciders, Mulled Wine and even spiked plum juice run the liquor section of supermarkets. There’s something about a seemingly ‘healthy’ taste (berries, passion fruit, pineapple) mixed the unhealthy (alcohol) that comforts and satisfies Great Britain. As ‘The Colonies,’ perhaps America ought to enjoy beverages of the same taste and satisfaction. No fear, Hooper’s is available for overseas shipment, maybe even at a local liquor store. A beer like this is not just limited to the Untied Kingdom.

Of course, drinking inevitably leads to the munchies. It is up to the intelligence of the consumer to wisely pair the drink to foods that share its simple charm. For meal’s sake, combine the Plum Brew with earthly dishes, such as steamed duck or a hearty Shepherd’s Pie. For dessert matters, fruit cake and crumble are a brew’s best sidekicks. And if it’s just the peckish, picky feeling, a couple squares of dark chocolate will do the drink justice. Bonus points for every plane ticket bought to enjoy the beer in its motherland.

For $3.00, Hooper’s Plum & Sloe is available for pure, sophisticated enjoyment. However, it is a crisp Alexander Hamilton that can buy Americans the good stuff.