Google Pixel 2: You’re Own Personal Brilliance


The pixel gives us a camera, a search engine, a cell, a stereo, a computer and a game center. It gives us a smart camera with a dual pixel autofocus. There’s an operating system - the Android 8 - that stores up to 128GB of data. There’s even a personalized Google, adhering to your voice, your needs and your adventures. It searches everything from what you’re looking at in person to what you’re looking for on the web. Even the sound is impeccable- but not to worry, it’s hearing-aid compatible. 

High expectations breed high results. Pixel’s speakers are high-definition, pairing well with a high-resoltuon screen display. Whether an email or an FX movie marathon, the phone’s ready to be bold.

The 2 and the 2XL can be completely submerged under water for up to three feet. After taking it out, give it a squeeze to enact Google Assistant. Then take a picture with DSLR-quality. All this and more challenges its rival phone, IOs 7, with discreet fashion. 

Prices start at $649, or $27.04/month for 24 months (with 0% APR Google Store Financing). Orders available for Australia, Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States (see details for which phone).

Ask more of your phone. Google has an infinite number of mores to give, and then some.