Gentleman’s Travel Guide: New York City

Moment / jayk7

Moment / jayk7

New York and New York City have been home to many of the world’s modern achievements.  With its over-the-top ability to define society and culture, New York is a go to in terms of travel and experiencing.

With that said, New York City is a big place and needs a lot of guidance in order to navigate it properly, while Times Square has its charm, the city is full of quirks and holes-in-the-wall that need to be discovered.

Enjoy the guide and travel “The Big Apple” in style.

A cozy place to stay is a must when it comes to traveling anywhere.  Luckily in New York, there are a plethora of great places to stay even on the lower end of the spectrum.

Club Quarters Hotel, World Trade Center (top-left): This hotel may not have the biggest rooms, but the proximity to Times Square as well as the great affordable prices are definitely nothing to skimp over when you planning your trip especially at $139 a night.

Element New York Times Square West (top-right): Only a short walk from Times Square, this hotel’s niche is in its elegant and casual design.  The hotel is also affordable at

Greenwich Hotel (bottom-left): At $799 a night, this upscale hotel located at 377 Greenwich Street brings the elegant designs of the early 1900s into reality for their guests. Classy furniture, views of the courthouse, marble showers and fireplaces are some of the many accommodations you can get staying here.

The Mark (bottom-right): 575 per night. This five-star hotel located on Madison Ave and 77th Street may be pricey at $575 a night, but the amenities, elegant room design and upscale experience are more than worth the band for your buck.

New York City is massive and has places to eat around every corner, but finding the right place to satisfy your taste buds isn’t always easy. Some people choose chains because they know exactly what they are going to get, luckily these places below fill a niche for the adventurous person.

Gramercy Tavern (top-left): upscale American w/ bar. This upscale tavern brings the comfort of traditional food to elegant levels.  Boasting items like Grilled Shrimp and Dumplings, miso soup and bok choy, this is not your average tavern.

Sakagura (top-right): A simplistic Japanese restaurant.  This spot offers beautifully put together sushi as well as full on entrees like Ebi Stick, deep-fried shrimp with seaweed and Shiso leaf served with miso sauce.

Sylvia’s restaurant (bottom-left): For those looking to get a taste of the south in the tristate area, Sylvia’s restaurant is a perfect spot to do that with a bit of a twist.  Baked ham, Harlem-style fried chicken and waffles and Salmo Croquettes are just a few of the menus expansive items.

Caracas Arepa Bar (bottom-right): This little joint is perfect for a night out.  Affordable prices and a wide range of traditional Latin food, this place is definitely somewhere to go if you’re feeling adventurous.

Reading is a very important privilege that should be utilized frequently. Here are some of the best bookstores in NYC to keep you entertained and educated.

McNally Jackson Books (left): Providing a cafe, self-publishing services and events for kids and parents alike, this independent bookstore is a great place to go, kick-back and read a good book.

Bluestockings (right): Located at 172 Allen Street, this volunteer-run bookstore has an impressive line-up of novels and magazines for kids, young adults and adults alike.

Three Lives & Company (center): Located in New York’s historic Greenwich Village, Three Lives & Company has a great line-up of books and frequent book readings by guests.

Image Source / Ditto

Image Source / Ditto

Like other cities, New York City has its own set of quirks when it comes to shopping.  Full of designer fashion, New York can either break your bank or not, but with some help, one can look good and not have to spend too much.

Garments: Known as the Garment District, this fashion neighbored in Manhattan sports thousands of fashion businesses, many of which are here to tailor to the needs that you may want for your personal garments.

One of the biggest and most well-known department stores in the country, Bloomingdale’s, is a department store located on Broadway and has a huge selection of shoes, handbags, suits, pants, shirts and any other garments you may want to pull out the plastic for.

Boasting high fashion or affordable, Bloomingdale’s has a wide variety that will meet the needs of anyone looking to try and spruce up their outfit a bit.

Other major department stores include Sax Fifth Avenue, Barney's New York, Macy's at Herald Square and Bergdorf Goodman.

Specialty retailers:

Jeffrey New York (left): For individuals willing to spend top dollar, Jeffrey New York is a retailer specializing in luxury brands.  When you step into Jeffrey New York, you can expect to be paying for greatness in the face of brands like Saint Laurent, Chloe and Lanvin.

Bird (center): Located at 316 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, this shop sports a very simplistic look with clothing racks and wood floors.  Upscale and having both men and women’s clothes, this shop is perfect for anyone looking to travel to Brooklyn.  From pants to button downs to shorts, this small store exactly what you need to feel good and look great.

Saturday’s Surf NYC (right): On Perry Street, this little store offers a west coast look for those on the east coast.  From swim trunks to sunglasses, for those who aren’t interested in suit jackets, this shop is perfect for you.

Accessories: For vegans, Mooshoes (right) on Orchard Street offers faux-leather products at great prices.  None of the boots or shoes use any sort of animal product in their material, so one can show off their leather proudly knowing that no cows were harmed in the making of the shoes. When it comes to jewelry, Verameat (left) everything is handcrafted and some designs are even made from recycled materials for those looking for an environmentally-friendly solution.

Night life:

Cielo (left): Featuring big name DJs, this venue specializes in electronic music and is a great place to bring friends and get your dance on.

Webster Hall (center): The historic concert/club venue has three different types of music (electronica, hip hop and rock) on the weekends in the same venue.  It also host various concerts featuring some of the best musical artists in the world.

Copacabana Times Square (right): If you’re looking for a mix of hip-hop and latin music, the Copacabana Times Square is the club for you.  Boasting four floors of dancing, this club is the perfect getaway to dance and meet a lot of people.

Places to go: New York is home to some of the most famous and well-known museums in the world.  If you are traveling to New York one has to stop at the MOMA, or Museum of Modern Art (top-left).  The Met, also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an impressive array of history and a wonderful Egyptian display as well as an impressive social media account formerly run by Sree Sreenivasan.

The Museum of Sex (bottom-right) is another great museum showcasing the history and evolution of a natural phenomenon. The Museum of Sex is much less a display of unfiltered sexual acts and more so a look into hundreds of years of sex evolution and a look at how animals procreate. Plus, on the top floor, you can jump in a bouncy house of boobs!

The American Museum of Natural History takes travelers on a unique journey through the course of history.  With many species of plants, human exhibits, fossils and much more, this museum is one of the largest in the world and should be viewed accordingly.

Gems: Much like other places in the country, New York City has its own set of gems and landmarks to view.  There is always the Statue of Liberty (top-right) to visit, which is done by taken a short boat ride to the base. Next, one should visit Grand Central Station (bottom-left), where the beautiful high ceilings and bustling atmosphere can give travelers a taste at exactly what the “city that never sleeps” is like. Ellis Island is a great destination to get a look at the process of immigration and finally no trip to the city is complete without a stop at the Empire State Building, the very representation of New York City.