For The Abode: A Good Floor Lamp Will Last A Long Time.

A good floor lamp can be a great abode investment, not only by making any room stand out and give it character, but it will last quite a long while as well.

British designer, Tom Dixon’s Mirror Ball Tripod Floor Lamp, is the ultimate futuristic piece for medium to small sized spaces, despite being designed in 2008.

The lamp’s stand is made up of stainless steel, while the spherical light shades are created from a polycarbonate form with special vacuum metallization. Due to these processes in manufacturing, the lamp is very durable and will last a long time without stains, smudges, scratches or dents. This lamp also requires white globe LED bulbs that are 40-60W each.

This particular piece would go exquisitely well against solid backgrounds, just because of the unique form and shape of the lamp. Moreover, when lit up, the sheen on the metal and the shape of the spherical shades, can transform a room by emphasizing themes of outer space.

Dixon specializes in creating modernized yet minimalistic industrial looking pieces of furniture and home accessories. A lamp like this, costing approximately $4500, would be a great statement piece in a modern, small to medium sized space, particularly with dark and solid backgrounds. Many of Dixon’s pieces feature cosmic designs and clean, crisp bodies. The brand is perfect for the industrialized, modern millennial with a rustic space.

The product can be bought on Hive, which is a specially curated shopping space for all thing’s luxury abode and will reach your doorstep in about 10 business days.