Fiat’s Revamped 124 Spider

The 124 Spider is the epitome of Italian-American gold, all spaghetti aside. It may have hit dealerships just this year, but it has already made a lasting impression. This lightweight, 2,436 pound car comes fully equipped with enough power and finesse to put all other convertibles to shame. The turbocharged petrol engine runs 0 to 60 mph in under seven seconds, which is perfect for tardy mornings or speedy weekend getaways. It offers race car style and hype for a more casual consumer’s daily drive.

The Spider pays homage to its forefathers. As a generation of its 1966 edition, this model encompasses all aspects of its ancestors. That first edition is a mere crumble of quality in comparison to its successors, but still created the same great idea. It swept the market and continues to do so as the most powerful four-cylinder in its class. From luxurious design, to engine power, to the overall length of body, the Spider revamps the quality for its quantity.

The rise is smooth. It cuts corners like butter and runs pavement easily, no bumps, despite the passenger proximity to the ground. And when it is time to close the top on this two-seater convertible, it’s a one-arm,  one hand operation, allowing a simpler way to adjust to changing climates.

The recommended make is the six-speed, manual, for the automatic version deprives the driver of the turbo-speed control and excitement. The interior is draped in sports leather and equipped with voice-activated six speakers for ultimate surround sound experience. Passengers sit comfortably in the surprisingly spacious ride with every mile it conquers. Sport cars fanatics are more than delighted to say that vehicle perfection is back, ready to spice up the bland convertible market

The horsepower and enticing gadgets are not all the selling factors. The car explores standard safety features. All-around airbags, four different sets of breaks (including 4-wheel ABS), daytime running lights, child lock and impeccable traction control are just some of the many that affirm passenger security. There is even optional safety equipment, obtained upon buyer request, such as a rearview camera, traffic detectors and alerts, parking assist and blind-spot monitors. “Leave your worries at the curb,” Fiat says, more than confident in the protection this model provides.

If the spectacular engine, look and safety is not enough to open wallets, the name-brand marketing does the trick. The outrageously Italian car keeps its authenticity with the names of the paint colors. Bronzo, Magnetico, Grigio Argento, Grigio Moda, Rosso, Nero Cinema, complete the lineup. There’s even one named after ice cream, Bianca Gelato, serving as my personal favorite, as well as my new delicious crave.

But there is something sweeter than a creamy dessert of a car. Nothing screams tangible victory than the price. Listings begin at $24,995, and for those less likely to commit to the latest creation, the lease is just $299, all with a four year warranty. As for gas mileage, the car gets about 33 miles per gallon, which, given the size of the 124 and its performance, is most appropriate. Nevertheless, it shines in comparison to most cars’ fuel efficiency, making it an attractive attribute for environmentally conscious buyers. Nevertheless, it shines in comparison to most cars’ fuel efficiency, making it an attractive attribute for environmentally conscious buyers

As mentioned, the Spider is a two-seater. Thus, it is not a family-fitted car. This is a stylish treat for a man looking to fulfill his need-for-speed sweet tooth. After all, a man’s car reflects a man’s persona and this is for the chic, the brilliant and the undeniably successful man satisfying his childhood dream (bonus points if he’s holding a plate of pasta).