Efla Lets You Store Your Clothes Without A Closet


No matter what your preferences are, when it comes to DIY furniture Efla has a item for you. Each piece of the Elfa Closet System, in fact, is sturdy, strong, and comes in different styles and colors. There is very little to no chance your taste won’t be matched.

Sold exclusively through The Container Store, the Efla family features adjustable, coordinating drawers, hanging rods and shelving. It is great for spaces that desperately need storage areas but they have no closet. It's a great option for renters, too

Elfa can indeed be installed in either a closet or free-standing on a wall. Whether you are dealing with flat walls, areas around corners or reach-in closets of any size, Efla will require the least of your energy and time to be installed. The strength of the Elfa system is its flexibility.

To get started, you measure the spaces where you want your Elfa system to go. This could be a wall space where you want to create storage for your kitchen, or a reach-in closet for coats and shoes. An Elfa specialist will then assist you directly to create your own design and turn into reality what’s bubbling inside your head.

You can do this at The Container Store, online, or over the phone. In addition to the measurements, you choose colors and finishes for your new Elfa closet. Finally, you have the option to install the system yourself or you can have someone from The Container Store install it for you.

The number of options and variety of products is also staggering.

From Elfa Top Track (horizontal rail) Platinum (32”, 56”, 80”) and Elfa Hang Standard (vertical rail) Platinum (20”, 36”, 60” 84”) to Elfa “platinum” (silver) shelves, which come in a maximum length of 4 feet and depths of 12”, 16”, and 20”

Customization, however, is the real selling point that distinguishes Efla from its competitors. Sure, you can go right ahead and pick up a custom closet system from The Home Depot or IKEA and you’ll come home with some kind of shelving unit in hand.

How are you going to know, however, whether or not that very product fits your space, matches your style, is in tone with your wardrobe, and lasts through a daily use is simply a gamble. That’s where the elfa system manifest its true colours. It comes, in fact, with a wide variety of versatile components to choose from that are easily altered, in case you need more hanging space in the future.

Moreover, you’ll receive a curated set of items, including the exact number of brackets, screws, supplies and anything else you need to complete your closet. Building a closet from The Container Store, however, certainly requires a little inclination towards a DIY attitude.

Unless you already paid for expert installation, this task may take up most of your afternoon. While some enjoy such an activity and get their hands dirty, others land on a lazier side of things.

Well. Efla has a solution for such a scenario which is to install basic shelves without any custom accessories. The process will probably take up less of your time and your closet will still up and running.

Elfa shelves require the Elfa bracket, because the shelves sit in little notches that keep them from sliding. The end of the bracket is flush with the edge of the shelf, and is preferable to the other two makers whose brackets jut through the edge of the shelf (it looks bad, and things can get snagged on the end of the bracket).

Prices range from $300-$3000, already installed.