Cuisinart helps turn amateurs into ice cream connoisseurs

According to, the definition of a "sweet tooth" is someone who has a great liking to sweet tasting food. Cookies, brownies, candy and most notably, ice cream have been satisfying sweet tooths for decades.

I myself find dessert to be a special treat I can indulge in whenever I do a good job at something like studying a new language or having a good day at work.

As an amateur chef, I find myself wishing I could create desserts like I can other dishes at home. Yet when I try to come up with an idea that isn’t cookies or brownies, I end up creatively stumped.

Being at a loss for inspiration, I turn to the Internet to aid my creative process. I go through page after page looking for a viable product to use in the kitchen--from blenders to food processors, I never found something that would make an immediate and long-lasting impact.

One product that has really caught my eye, however, is the Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker. Usually when I see a product promoting the ability to make ice cream at home, I’m skeptical. “It can’t do really do that,” I cautiously tell myself.

But this ice cream maker may be able to do just that, and in the process help turn your kitchen into an amateur ice cream parlor.

Much like a food processor, the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is able to take household ingredients and blend them to the consistency and temperature of that carton-filled sweet treat being hoarded in your refrigerator.

While it’s cool, is it really that cool? I mean, Tasty and other food sites have posted countless do-it-yourself ice cream recipes all over Facebook and Twitter. With the Cuisinart taking up room in the kitchen, will it be used efficiently?

The good part about this ice cream maker compared to the do-it-yourself method is that it can be done quickly and easily without needing to be prepared far in advance for the desired effect. The website boasts the product takes 20 minutes to make ice cream without “all the ice and salt.” I think with some proper planning it would take a little bit longer, especially as you learn different flavor combinations.

One of the better parts about this product is that it is user-friendly. The most frustrating aspect of some kitchen appliances is that they are either intimidating or have so many buttons and features that the main purpose falls short. With the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker, making and creating frozen treats is the one sole highlighted feature. From sorbets to ice creams, the helpful and user-friendly interface makes the chore of food preparation a breath of fresh air.

Cooking has become a taboo in American culture, dividing the population between those who cook and those who choose to eat out half of the week. Regardless of this debate, however, being able to have fun and use creativity to spice up a meal is always something to be excited about.

The Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker retails at $60 and can be found at most home appliance stores.