Chef’s Special: Summer Squid

Seafood has been a wonderful addition to mankind’s menu since the earliest of ages. While full of flavor and enjoyment, fish also brings an element of excellent health for the ultimate feeling of success. Ingesting squid means gaining full access to large amounts of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin B12 – all key elements in reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes. All science aside, refreshing fish should always be in the menu, no matter the party. In search of a good recipe? The perfect place to start, believe it or not, is YouTube.

Cookinginhd brings viewers a citrus twist to a simple squid recipe. And, as a bonus, the complete prep and assemble time is just under a half hour.

Start with the juice of half a lemon (squeezed), orange peels (shredded for zest), three cloves of garlic and half a cup of olive oil. Mix together along with spices of choice – the recipe calls for salt, pepper and chili flakes for tang. Together, this makes a tasteful vinaigrette.

Next is the fish. Take about four pieces of squid and make sure they are completely cleaned from their innards and patted down with a paper towel: too much excess water leads to an uneven cook. Using your barbeque, preheat to at least 500 degrees F. Score each sides of the calamari for that perfect grill flavor with each bite, and cook for a couple minutes before flipping. Unsure how to tell when? Simply check the underneath for ample brown color. Depending on the audience, a deeper cook might be more welcomed. Once all pieces of fish are cooked, place onto a cutting board and slice half-inch (one centimeter) thick rings by cutting along the width of the fish’s body. Toss rings into the bowl of the vinaigrette and serve as soon as possible to keep from salivating. Pair with a dry white wine or Rosé to wash it down in style.

Check out the recipe on their website. Check out the video above. Then get grilling!