Can You Blink Faster?


Tesla just released their fastest, smartest, and hottest car in the world. 

The Roadster brings your Road Runner fantasies to life. Scaling speeds +250 mph, this car accelerates 0-100 in just 4.2 seconds. This four-seater all-wheel drive can easily cover the extra miles you dream about (as you floor your gas pedal) with the fullest potential of aerodynamic engineering. You can even pop open the removable glass roof for that extra wind of confidence [and high speeds]. 

This record-setting and trend-setting car comes with a price. Tesla calls for 50K as a reservation price, then a full $200,000.00 for the total downpayment. 

This being Tesla’s second sports car, the teaser brings us nothing but joy. But alas, we have to wait. Expect it by 2020, and maybe consider putting it on your Christmas list. Luckily this gives you a couple of years to save up the money!