Brut Reserve showcases mixed flavors with smooth finish

During every special occasion, from buying a house to christening a boat, society has shown that the only way to truly celebrate is by popping a bottle or two of champagne in your cupboard.

Champagne is used widely around the world, selling millions of bottles. From graduations to engagement celebrations, sporting events to Saturday morning brunch drinking mimosa’s, champagne has certainly solidified its place as a staple for elegance, upscale nature and fanciness.

Which brings us to the Taittinger Brut Reserves, a mix of 40 percent Chardonnay and 60 percent Pinot Noir and Pinot Mennuir to an elegant and delicious bottle. As stated on the website, Taittinger Brut Reserves is made from wines from over 35 different vineyards for the beautiful, distinct taste that one gets with a sip of Brut Reserves.

Taittinger says that it is an honor to brew a Brut champagne each year without exception.

Brewed by the Taittinger Wine Company, which was founded in the early part of the 1700s, this specific brand of wine takes between three to four years to reach the peak of its fermenting period which gives it that distinctive taste. 

The website describes the drink as having a light golden color with a hint of foam and “lingering bubbles.”

As for the champagne itself, it's smooth and rich, full of fruit and brioche aromas, and is sure to bring fans of the drink back wanting more, whereas newcomers will be enticed by its sweet taste of honey and fresh fruit unassociated with cheap champagne. 

Simultaneously, the drink gives off unique accents of peach, white flowers and vanilla pod according to the website, allowing a person to understand and smell the depth of flavor of the champagne they are drinking.

For more casual drinkers, one can make their own Taittinger Brut Reserves Mimosa complete with an orange wedge garnish. Pour as much of the Brut Reserve as you want and then mix with your favorite fruit juice (to stay classic, stick with orange) and garnish with a nice slice of fresh orange.

Taittinger Brut Reserve can be found in liquor stores across the country at an average price of $55.