Diversify your Taste with Beef Tostada

Looking for a salad that actually satisfies hunger?

Americans are not shy of adding beef to just about anything. For the full Latino-influence, neither is this “taco” tortilla salad. We have chosen the best recipe for this cultural experience; and yes, it has meat.

To get crackin’ on this deliciousness, the very first purchase is a bag of soft tortilla flats. For those willing to go the extra mile, creating a soft tortilla is equally as accepted as it is applauded. For the rest of us, Mission Tortillas will have to do. Heat the oven at 425 degrees F and place oven-safe soup bowls on a pan. Gently stuff tortillas in the bowl so that they flare out at the tops, creating the illusion of a soft-shell pocket. Place tray in the oven for desired amount (keeping in mind that the longer they stay, they crispier they’ll become).

Next is the protein. A pound of ground beef is used in the recipe, but substituting steak or lean chicken is just as fitting. Heat up a non-stick pan (or a regular pan coated in a thin layer of oil). Add one onion, chopped or completely minced, to the heat for fragrance. Then comes the chili powder and garlic for more flavor. Finally, add the meat: if it is ground beef, break up the meat with a wooden spoon for optimal cooking. If using steak, create half-inch slivers before tossing in and flip accordingly. Afterwards, a broth of tomato sauce, chicken stock, apple cider vinegar, sugar and hot pepper (if desired) is added. Simmer until slightly thickened (about five minutes) and season with sea salt.

If the smell has been tantalizing enough, move onto the next step – salad – without snacking on the previous agenda. For the lettuce, the recipe calls for romaine, since it has equal parts nutrition as it does heat-resiliency. But since cooking uniqueness derives from recipe misfollow, choose a green to experiment with (perhaps arugula, maybe even a mixture of the two for the epitome of lettuce flavor). Add one can of (drained) black beans, eight ounces of of sliced cherry tomatoes, a can of (drained) corn, some lime juice, salt, pepper, avocado and Mexican cheese (Cotija or a store-bought blend). Mix well together with cilantro and pour fitted servings into each toasted tortilla. Drape meat over the salad and serve to as many people as possible to show off the Latino-American chef hidden within. Stay classy and serve with a spicy margarita – another recipe to come in due time (hint, use Patron Silver).