The Innovative Speakers Causing a Buzz

For speaker fanatics, Bang & Olufsen is a name that needs little introduction. The Danish electronics company has been producing sexy, stylish speakers and headphones for the better part of the century. Even in today’s Scandinavian-mad design world, B&O still manages to stand out.

The design firm’s latest project is the BeoSound Shape, a wireless honeycomb of speakers (perfect to pair with your Behive Table Lamp) that installs directly to your wall. In multiple colors and available to display in an endless assortment of shapes, the BeoSound Shape is perfect for those who like to customize their listening experience. A BeoSound Core (the gadget’s main tile) allows AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth streaming. Designed to work with a minimum of six speaker & acoustic panels, the Shape can be expanded as large as you would like. Designed for living rooms, office spaces and even large event spaces, these speakers are a beautiful addition to living or work space.

The BeoSound tiles come in two parts, the speakers themselves and the acoustic panels designed to dampen ricocheting sound. This makes the speakers perfect for large, open rooms as well as small spaces, where less acoustic panels are necessary. With multiple speakers, sound is distributed across the panels, creating an immersive listening experience no matter where the Shape is positioned. With amplified sound and dampened noise, the BeoSound Shape creates the perfect acoustics for your living or work space.

The BeoSound tiles come in two parts, the speakers themselves, and the acoustic panels needed to 

The B&O BeoSound Shape is available in August and retails starting at $4,245. Find out more at Bang & Olufsen.