Add a stylish chair in your comfort zone


When a gentleman walks into a room with a confident stride, takes off his coat while casually looking around, smiles and waves before he elegantly pours himself a drink, everyone notices. That should be the mark of a real gentleman: filling the room with style and class as well as with his physical presence. A real gentlemen, then, has to know how to stand.

A lot, however, is revealed about him from the way he sits. There’s a hidden, forgotten art in the way someone makes themselves comfortable, whether to join a dinner table or to partake in a mundane conversation. A real gentleman needs to be aware of the fact that sitting can be every bit as stylish as standing. Granted, you might need a stylish chair. That’s when Blu Dot comes in with its Hot Mesh Chair.

If you’re looking for the missing ring that connects celebrity designers and cheap, do-it-yourself Ikea emulators, search no more. Blu Dot is your holy grail.

Their adversity to pretentiousness and jaw-dropping prices doesn’t at all affect the quality of their products. This chair is no exception. Available in nine colors: aqua, black, green, grey green, humble red, natural yellow, simple blue, off-white and watermelon, Hot Mesh Chair is a piece of furniture every lounge should have.

Drawing inspiration from the classic cafe Thonet chair, which is made by the union of two bent pieces of wood, the Blu Dot team employs the same strategy to make their Hot Mesh collection which includes a lounge chair, an ottoman, stools, and café and bar tables.

This chair, as well as each piece of the collection, has a sturdy frame made with a little amount of material, which gives it a slender and thin look. It is made of powder-metal and manufactured in a northern-Italy based company specialized in metalworking. Such choice reflects the main goals of the company, which prefers the originality of a custom-made design rather than the dullness of materials and designs that get the job done, but lack in style and creative expressiveness.

It is specifically designed to be lasting, stackable and, of course, stylish. The mesh pattern, created by hole-cutting machine, lands on top of previously bent metal tubes, to create its minimalist yet unique frame. The two parts are pulled together by a process called seam welding, which exploits the pressure produced by two wheels paired with heat to assemble the two pieces. The smaller and residual parts of the chair are finally welded and polished by hand.

The design of the chair, then, has a minimalist and familiar vein, while still emanating style and elegance. It grabs your attention, but it doesn’t flash in your eyes like a giant Picasso painting hung up on a wall.

It’s classy and not intrusive, just like Blu Dot, the Minneapolis-based company that designed it. Born out of the creative alliance between three college friends (two architects and a sculptor), Blu Dot started out in 1997, when John Christakos, Maurice Blanks and Charlie Lazor loaded their first product on a truck and drove to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. After that their first 18-piece collection was released and over 20 years later their brand includes modern home items ranging from bedroom and living room furniture to storage, lighting and accessories with stores across the world, including spaces in New York, Mexico City, and Sydney.

Their modus operandi, however, hasn’t changed along years. Only now it reflects the standards of a 150-people company. Instead of occasional, informal meetings between Christakos, Blanks and Lazor, now there’s an actual design team, which is composed by many once interns that meets in a conference room and workshops ideas and new products.

The Hot Mesh chair, alongside the entire collection, is the product of two years of work. A lot of brainstorming, bouncing ideas back and forth, prototypes and samples took place before the final product came to life. This proves Blu Dot to be a company faithful to its objective and mantra: making products that are original and stylish and yet useful, affordable and desirable.

Hot Mesh chair will be delivered to you fully assembled in 1-2 business days for $139, not including shipping.