A Proper Copper Knife

Want the proper cut of steak you deserve, whether you're a professional chef or amateur? Fleischer and Wolf are more than able to help get you there. 

Packaged in a tin mesh box is a set of four French copper knives with chic design and optimal storage space. One-of-a-kind cutlery like this does not go unused; use them to carve through filet mignon or debone a perfectly good bass just before consumption. Debut them to a mother-in-law, a fianc√© or even a boss. Leave them well in the way for display so they cannot be missed or underappreciated. These are the kind of knives that will make homeowners proud to be chefs, even if Bobby Flay would not consider them so.

Substantial but light-weight, the knives hold a certain amount of character unbeknown to other silverware. They stretch just under a foot long and four inches wide, with an overall depth of just two inches. But the blade? It takes up nearly half of that length, perfect for scoring and slicing. Each knife is stainless steel, so it is advised to hand wash when cleaning.

Packages come in sets of four, priced at $79.95. Via Crate and Barrel, shipping is worldwide (excluding France) and, depending on the location, is free. But do not just stop at the knives: Fleischer and Wolf have a myriad of kitchen accessories available for immediate purchase. Match the copper cutlery with copper pans, pots, even tri-ply roasters. Break up the penny-like theme with some ceramic titanium cookware. Complete the kitchen, thank Man of the Hour later for the idea.

Isabella Zeolla