A Maserati Must


Rated an 8.8/10 in US News & World Report and 3.5/5 for Car and Driver, the 2017 Maserati Levante might as well be the valedictorian of its class. It ranks exceptionally high on every test thrown its way, from comfortability to performance to even the minuscule marking of brake color.

The Levante revs horsepower of 345 hp with its eight-speed automatic engine, bringing truth to the high claim, “from mild to gale force strength, in an instant.” Its excellence is everywhere, driving the need for speed while seating five spaciously with its unmistakable design. It even features the legendary Trident badge, a symbol of exclusivity, refinement and elegance. It is the most sophisticated product of the Italian car company.

This SUV has sports-car material, able to handle any weather and damage thrown its way. It is perfect for exploring new destinations with a engine that runs the same luxury and efficiency as it would at home base. It ensures precise gear changes and a range of such to experience: Auto Normal Mode, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport, Manual Off-Road, Automatic Off-road and I.C.E (Increased Control and Efficiency). Additionally, it comes equipped with an even wider range of features: all wheel-drive, shock absorbers, five ride heights and six levels of comfort capability - and the control is at the edge of a fingertip. An 8.4-inch Touch Control screen manages all features and car control to the utmost satisfaction and instant gratification of consumers. 

Safety also takes high priority. With a myriad of brakes installed and airbags in place, the Levante promises stability. It even comes with Homelink, a remote-control device that opens garage doors and/or gates, while activating security lighting systems as the vehicle approaches. The watch does not stop there; cameras show what is happening all around the car, even in the blind spots and the next lane, for optimal coverage.

Every Levante is unique. There are multiple opportunities to personalize the car, from color to tire rim to brake clippers. Paint finishes come in thirteen shades comprised of solid paints, metallic, Mica, Metallescent and Pearlescent. Even the leather lining within can be customized and colored for preference. The complete menu of creation is offered online via brochure, along with precise detail of every optional feature.

Thinking about a lease? Cash due at signing is $5,935. And, just for another week, a monthly fee of $1,140 is all it takes to get both hands behind the wheel (offer expires July 31st). Act now!