A Dinner Fit For A King

When it comes to dinner, one needs the best dinner set to be able to appease one’s guests correctly. This leads us to the perfect modern dinner set for a young adult millennial--one that will be sure to look good and has the durability of a long lasting dish set.

Our first item is the hammered steel Charger plate. The plate is made of 100 percent steel, ensuring that even in the roughest of handlers, this plate will stay in one piece for all your dinner parties to come. The dinner plate can be bought on Zara Home at a price of $50.

Moving on, every king needs a chalice (or three) to properly quench his thirst for the night. We at Man of the Hour magazine recommend the thin silver wine glass. The glass beats other models of its kind due to its unique, stubby design. While most chalices have a long handle in order to wield them more easily, this model is best picked up by the glass itself for the most practical use. This model can be also bought on Zara Home for a price of $15 for one. (Fun fact: this glass is not suited for microwaves.)

Now, when you aren’t chowing down using the steel plates or drinking like a champion out of the wine glasses, we recommend eating meals out of a bowl--more specifically, the golden glass bowl. Looking like it came straight out of 4500 B.C. Egypt, this bowl is perfect for any soup, salad or side dish. Unfortunately, unlike most Egyptian dishware, the $10 bowl is not made of gold.

Finally, any dinner is not complete without a set of silverware. And for those of you who want to match the regal aesthetic of the previous entries, you're in luck: introducing the golden flatware. Complete with a few spoons, a fork and a knife, when you and your guests sit at the table, you'll feel like you're traveling back in time. A time when kings feasted in mead halls and you sat at the head.

So if you are interested in becoming the king of your kitchen--or at least looking like you are--feel free to take Man of the Hour’s advice with this dish set or visit Zara Home to look at additional pricing and products.