A Deski for Your Desk

Once again, modern-day minimalist culture has brought us a lamp created with the simplest of parts for the biggest of glows. Bulbing listed their Deski two years ago, a part of the lamp series: Ziggi, Dome, and Classi. Each hold the same aesthetic and futuristic look: acrylic glass hiding the bulb, creating a cartoon-like shade with the ultimate light coverage. Unusual, yes. Successful? Very.

Deski aims to "transform your space with originality,” fitting practically anywhere and bending in with the background. This seek design pairs with lamp with just about anything, regardless or your style. It’s made of Iron, plywood birch, and acrylic glass, with an LED bulb, white cord, and a dimmer. Watch it light up a whole dining room then dim into a small reading light in a matter or seconds - all under your control.

Deski is listed at $178. Don’t like it? You have a year-warranty.