A Crystalline, Bottle-Shaped Valentine


Is there anything that says Valentine better than a red, heart-shaped box of chocolates? Yes, there is. How about the feeling of warmth and sweetness crawling inside your body after a sip of fine liquor? Valentine Distilling & Co. brings that very feeling to you in the crystal-tinted shape of a bottle and it calls it Valentine Vodka.

Launched in 2007, Valentine Vodka and Valentine Distillery Company well incarnate the core of American crafting and ingenuity, perfectly incorporating a healthy entrepreneurial spirit with a genuine care for details and quality. Headquarters and distillery, as well as a rustic yet sophisticated speakeasy cocktail lounge, are located in Ferndale, in the heart of industrial Michigan. Two distilleries are also located in Detroit.

The spirit is made of a blend of three different, locally sourced, grains: 50% corn, 25% Red Michigan wheat, and 25% barley (incidentally, the same grain mix Van Gogh adopted, and still uses, for their original unflavored vodka). The distilling process, however, reflects the company’s mantra of harboring quality within their walls, with no chance to escape.

Embracing the spirit of American craftsmanship, Valentine Vodka is set to overcome the test of time, thus time is what is needed to create what TheDRinksReport.com awarded as “Best Vodka In The World” in 2016.

Valentine Vodka is distilled one batch at a time in a 225 gallon Christian Carl pot with two 35 foot columns, housing 42 and 49 trays respectively, It is then filtered slowly for 24 hours in a double false bottom 50 gallon drum through a proprietary activated carbon system made from coconut shells. What follows is a one week-long aeration to oxidate and esterficate, to finally give way to its unique flavor.

Imagine the sweet taste of banana-coconut pudding mixed with the familiar and enchanting smell of pastry, add a touch of spiciness and top it off with a creamy body. That’s the taste of Valentine Vodka. A taste that could perhaps only be depicted by the curvy woman printed on the label: a Marilyn Monroe-resembling fine yet provoking red-dressed blond woman who quite well physically incarnates the sweet and bold taste of Valentine Vodka (one might venture guessing that the choice of putting a woman on the label wasn’t at all casual).

Therefore, it can also be found in New York City, where Valentine Distillery founder Rifino Valentine lived and worked for 11 years as a trader on Wall Street, before returning home to start the first micro-distillery in Detroit since prohibition.

Moved by the “small and beautiful” motto, Valentino set himself to make the a spirit that could enhance the quality and taste of a dirty martini at a Lower East Side bar or Upper East Side cocktail party, which will certainly convey a certain level of sophistication by shying away from imported vodka, thus contributing to throw a party with one less cliché.

Stronger palates could also enjoy the taste of Valentine Vodka in a classic White Russian, perhaps made with Amarula Cream. Those you are looking for cutthroat, wholesale experience, however, can always enjoy the sweet and slightly spicy taste of Valentine on the rocks with little twist.

Whether you’re attending a benefit event at a fancy gala or you’re throwing a up-scale friendly gathering, Valentine Vodka certainly won’t disappoint.

Valentine Vodka can be found anywhere in the United States and in six other countries at a price point of $30, from many distributors.