2017 Toyota Prius

The 2017 Toyota Prius is a second-generation plug-in hybrid based on the fourth-generation Prius, but with a new innovative design. There is a lot riding on next year's debut given that sales have taken a huge dip in recent years. Toyota sold 221,080 Priuses in the U.S. in 2012 and barely more than 100,000 will be sold this year. So why are they taking a risk by breathing new life into old fundamentals? Toyota feels condiment in their newly designed trio of 2017 plug-in hybrids that offer extended battery-electric range without diminishing the value of performance. 

Toyota is introducing the Prime in only three trim levels with various price points: a Prime Plus($27,965), a Prime Premium ($29,665) or a Prime Advanced ($33,965). According to executives at the company, Toyota will launch the Prime line next month with a goal of selling  20,000 cars. 

The Prius has an MSRP of $24, 685 and is expected to be on the market in November. The bold look is framed with a futuristic interior on the inside and out. The seat design is spacious and allows flexibility. The 7-inch touch screen display certainly compliments the progressive design, along with Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging for drivers on the mov e. The technology is exciting because you have the ability to determine what is crucial to you. The door dual high-resolution multi-information display screen can be customized, while giving you ECO driving tips along the way. Every detail was taken into consideration including the steering wheel, whichs allows hands free calling because audio and bluetooth are accessible are connecte d. Perhaps one of the most captivating features is the smart key system, which could not have come at a more ideal time with cold trenched months ahead. When you approach the car with the standard Smart Key System, you can simply lock and unlock the driver's side door just by touching the handle. And wen you're in, it's a convenient push start so you won't have to worry about fumbling with your keys while trying to keep your gloves on. 

Stepping away from the techno infused features is a new wave of sophistication with interior adjustments. The form seats have deep side bolsters for enhanced comfort and an 8-way power-adjustable driver's seat, which leaves you room to adjust perfectly before driving. The line now features a moonroof to translate that natural energy into the vehicle with one button, allowing riders to capture the outdoor view. The steering wheel is also a reliable sense of comfort  trimmed with SofTex to allow adjustment for maximum comfort. 

The performance is unmatched in terms of its predecessors with a double-wishbone rear suspension that gives it a smooth ride. The more compact foundation takes up less space, translating into extra cargo room inside. Branded as the most rigid of its kind, the ride becomes more comfortable and take s handling and breaking to new heights. One of the main elements of the new Prius that has been a topic of conversation is its ability to surmount windy days. The rear spoiler is practical and also visually appealing as it contributes to the meticulous wind shielding shape of the car. It helps block out turbulent weather, resulting in a peaceful drive. 

The new model really takes space into consideration, but with full autonomy based on how you choose to utilize the feature or don't. The 60/40 split fold-down rear seats allow paths to carry longer items and extra passengers, while you also have the choice of folding down one seat to increase space. You can even fold both if a larger cargo area would be beneficial.  

With the cold front evidently coming soon, it's nice to know that the car has those extra bonus features. Following the stressed comfort mentality with the new model, heated front seats add warmth at the touch of a button, which a lot of luxury brand vehicles still have not done. 

An energy efficient care is also attractive on the market in today's society. With an emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, with its progressing hybrid technologies. Above everything, the Prius has an array of safety features worth noting. The vehicle can detect a blind spot with a monitor, indicating when it is safe to change lanes. It also has a convenient back up camera which is started automatically when you are in reverse. It is always useful for tight spots or backing up in jam packed aras. The best feature is all of the long term support that the car offers. There is a free maintenance plan that comes with the purchase and includes a 24-hour roadside assistance for three years with unlimited miles. In it for the long run, the Toyota keeps on building and finding ways to reconstruct their foundation, while relying on their earliest global successes for the future of the car.