Femme: Xiao Wen Ju


In 2010, Xiao Wen Ju was walking through the streets of her hometown Xi’an in China when she was asked by a talent scout if she’d want to compete in a modeling competition. Coming from a small family and living in a small town, she of course agreed to give modeling a try. She took a plane to compete in Beijing and the rest is history. 

After seeing Xiao Wen Ju, it’s no wonder that she’d been picked out of a crowd to model. She has a natural beauty about that is so refreshing in this age of photoshop and caked on makeup. She has a slender frame with raven black hair and piercing eyes. She also has a humbling sense of humor as well as a friendly demeanor that makes her approachable despite her being elevated to international fashion fame. Of course, all of this makes Xiao Wen Ju an obvious choice for Man of the Hour’s Woman of the Month.

A year after she was discovered, Ju found herself on the walkways of behemoths like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Prada, and Hermès to name a few. There was just something about the way that Ju could fit into any style on the runway that made her so appealing to designers. Her attractiveness stayed constant throughout her changes in clothes. On the street you might find her wearing an array of clothes: mini skirts and long jackets, pants and graphic tees, dresses and designer bags. If you do spot her, she'll almost always be dressed in black. From bubbly and fun to somber and serious, Xiao Wen Ju looks stunning through it all.

Ju’s first big break, however, came in 2012 when she modeled for a Marc Jacobs advertising campaign. She was 23 at the time and the first Chinese model to appear front and center for a Marc Jacobs advertisement. Though it might have been her first time, it wasn’t the last time that Ju would bring diversity into the fashion world. In 2016 she became the fourth Chinese model to walk as a Victoria Secret Angel (the first being another Man of the Hour Woman of the Month, Liu Wen).

Ju’s explosive career has placed her across all realms of the fashion industry. She has done ad campaigns with L’Oréal, Adidas, and most recently, Nike. Yet any one of her 552,000 followers on her Instagram could have told you that. Ju updates her Instagram frequently with new projects that she’s working on, pictures of her friends, or just standard selfies. In fact, Ju is notorious for her selfies among her fans because of the way they always seem to turn out perfect.

When asked about her idea of beauty, Ju responded 'Now, for me, beauty is all different kinds. It’s also about the inside, the confidence. I think the girl who is doing something is really beautiful.' She’s approachable and personable. In most of her interviews or behind the scenes footage she can be seen laughing and having fun with other models or interviewers.

Xiao Wen Ju is known to be very humorous and easy going despite the fast pace that the fashion industry demands. In an interview with FashionTV, she mentioned that if she weren’t modeling she’d like to be a comedic actress. She came close in 2015 when she modeled with Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) to promote Valentino’s 2015 Fall collection as well as Zoolander 2.

Xiao Wen Ju’s is a one-two punch type of woman. She has the style and attractiveness of an international model as well as the humor and friendliness that one would expect from the girl-next-door.

Why She’s Hot!

Her smile and cute laugh paired with her slender frame and long legs put Xiao Wen Ju at the pinnacle of sexiness. She has a sense of humor and a personality that makes her the type of woman you could joke around with as well as have a down to earth conversation.

What Kind Of Man Does She Like?

Little is known about Xiao Wen Ju’s romantic life. In her IMG bio page, she mentions that she loves to hang out with her family and her “future husband” despite no one knowing who this man is (or if he even exists). She would most likely go for a guy who can make her laugh and is not too full of themselves.

Something You Should Know...

As a child, her father would make her Pork Bone soup to help with her complexion.

She enjoys New York City because she has the freedom to do what she wants without judgment. This includes crying on the street or just sitting down where she finds comfortable--including the floor. “I just do myself,” she says in Vogue Diaries.