Femme: Mica Arganaraz

Mica Arganaraz is completely changing the world's ideas about models and their lifestyles. Unlike other models, she is not obsessed with showing every aspect of her personal life on social media. Mica doesn’t have a reality television show or a family of famous celebrities. She’s simply a hard-working, relatively normal human being, which is a breath of fresh air in today’s world.

Mica was discovered while walking on the street in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a college film student, she started her career simply looking for a job; Mica sent some Polaroid pictures to a modeling agency to get her start in the industry. She has a distinctive style, less about dolled-up overindulgence, focused on being elegantly realistic; Mica is inexplicably cool in every way. From her naturally curly hair to her self-described boyish style, she is the antithesis to our expectations of supermodels.

Her modeling career started swiftly and continued to gain momentum immediately. At the age of 19, Mica first walked the runway for designer Christopher Kane. Since then, she has modeled for fashion moguls like Lacoste, Michael Kors and Fendi among many others. She has appeared in advertisements for Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Prada. Her incredible work-ethic and modeling talent was rewarded with the 2015 runner-up for Model of the Year Breakout Star in 2015.

Besides walking the runway, Miss Arganaraz has a variety of hobbies. Mica is an avid painter, providing her over 129,000 Instagram followers with loads of her personal artwork. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said her art is like “meditation: it takes you to the same state of mind.” She also adores music through playing guitar and adding to her collection of vinyl records, with the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan being two of her favorite artists.

The most refreshing aspect of Mica’s life is her lack of self-obsession. Her social media is especially unique, focusing solely on her personal art and modeling features. She is unusually withdrawn in interviews, not as obsessed with fame and the spotlight as her modeling rivals. Mica has even stated that her favorite outfit is an atypical “white T-shirt, suit jacket and black pants.” She loves everything that encompasses being a supermodel, yet has not let her stardom change who she is at all.

Mica Arganaraz is not self-absorbed or obsessed with revealing her entire life to the public. She isn’t covered in makeup, instead comfortable in her own skin. Her hobbies are activities many of us share. She is our February Woman of the Month because of how relatable she is to the rest of us; Mica is a hard-working, naturally beautiful person that genuinely enjoys life.

Why She’s Hot?

Mica is naturally attractive, utilizing her majestic, naturally curly hair and perfect jawline to provide a look unlike any other model today.

What Kind of Man Does She Like?

As a close-to-the-vest person, there isn’t much relationship information available. However, she has stated her love for English photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, with similar reciprocation on his Instagram as well.

Some Things You Should Know?

She loves coffee, and according in an interview with i-D Vice, if she weren’t a model, she would “have a little cafeteria where I play my records and serve really good coffee.”

She has the first solo Prada campaign since Sasha Pivovarova, the company’s longtime It Girl.

She feels sexiest when she’s naked at home, listening to music.