Femme: Liu Wen

Liu Wen laid the groundwork for Asian models today. She was the first East Asian to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, first Asian spokesmodel for Estee Lauder, and first Asian model to ever make Forbes annual highest-paid models list. Since her start in modeling, she has broken barriers for Asian models through God-given talent and a relentless work ethic.

Born in Yongzhou Hunan, China, Wen got her start by submitting photos to an online contest, hoping to win the grand prize of a computer; surprisingly, she didn’t even win. However, it was enough to get her noticed. From there, she started working with Chinese Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in 2007 and immediately became an ‘It’ girl. She became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2009 and the face of Estee Lauder in 2010. From there, she’s featured for campaigns in Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Bergdoft Goodman and many others.

Wen has used her popularity to promote changes in stereotypes of Asian women. In an interview with The Cut, she says she wants to teach people that Asian women are all unique:

"I hope that when people see Asian women, they realize we are all different. A lot of time with Caucasian people, they just group us together as Asian. But even within the different cities in China, people have different personalities…We look Asian, but we don’t look the same.”

She’s also changing the way Chinese culture sees beauty. Double eyelids, a surgical change that accentuates the crease in the upper eyelid, are popular in Asian culture. Wen does not have a double eyelid and her popularity is changing the belief that single eyelids are less beautiful. “I have gotten comments when people have seen pictures of me and have said, ‘Oh, a single eyelid is beautiful.’ I’m really happy I didn’t do any surgery. The girls who had single eyelids may have thought before that beauty only had one type of eye shape.”

Wen doesn’t see herself as beautiful. Instead, she credits her beauty to her personality. “In Chinese, people say I have chi ze, which means aura or a strong sense of presentation. It’s not about my look. It’s about confidence. I think this is what people see.” We can all learn from her self-belief; no matter how we physically look, having faith in ourselves and being confident is incredibly powerful.

Growing up in a small town, Liu Wen has grown into a mega-star and one of the most successful models in the world. She’s used her social media following, almost 4-million on Instagram, to educate western culture about stereotypes about Asians. Wen exudes confidence and uses her personality to showcase her beauty on catwalks all over the world.

Why She’s Hot!

She has a child-like smile that stretches across to each of her dimpled cheeks. She is a genuinely happy person that enjoys her career and takes nothing for granted. Wen is elegant in a ballroom gown as well as in a simple outfit like jeans and a shirt.

What Kind Of Man Does She Like?

Wen has stated in several interviews that she has yet to have a boyfriend and remains single. She is essentially dating her career and finds it unfair to have a relationship based on her constant travel.

Something You Should Know

She used to eat a traditional Asian soup made with pigs’ feet to help keep her skin healthy.

Once she’s done modeling, she would like to become a stylist or an actress.

Wen doesn’t drink cold liquids, opting for hot water or tea to improve her circulation.