Femme: Kate Bock


Most people imagine snow and frigid wilderness when they think of Vancouver, Canada. Hidden among the moose and the bears was a 12-year-old tomboy named Kate Bock. While swimming at a local pool, Bock was discovered by the Lizbell Agency and hasn’t looked back. Bock has traveled the world as a budding supermodel, from features in Vogue to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. While most of her life revolves around her career, she also finds time to enjoy the things she loves most.

Bock’s first modeling work was for Abercrombie Kids in a local shopping mall. After she graduated high school, she moved to Paris and began her career. She’s appeared in magazines such as Maxim, Elle, and the French edition of Cosmopolitan. In 2011, she featured in the music video Jack Sparrow by the comedy group The Lonely Island. Her first award in her young career came in 2013, when she was voted Rookie of the Year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition; Bock has appeared in every edition since.

As a millennial, Bock shares the beautiful parts of her life with her over 300,000 followers on Instagram and uses her social media following to further advance her career. In an interview with OceanDrive, she said “you can really see variety through social media, so it gives you a chance to own your promotion.” She is a brilliant woman with intelligence that rivals her beauty.

One of the most important parts of her life is her passion for healthy living. Her love of exercise started at a young age, when she played several sports including baseball and field hockey. As a busy adult, Bock finds time to go to spin classes, yoga, pilates, or a long run in the beautiful landscapes around her photoshoots. She also eats healthily with a disciplined travel routine. In an interview with munskin.com, Bock says she “always brings a salad, some fruit, and almonds on a plane.” She also says she never eats plane food under any circumstances.

As a model, Bock is constantly traveling. Her favorite places to date are Sydney, Australia and Trancoso, Brazil, where she stayed in a tree fort hotel called Uxua Casa. Her favorite place in the United States is Miami, Florida. As a Canadian, she loves the beautiful hotel pools available and the opportunity to swim in the ocean, something she never experienced growing up.

Bock is also a growing entrepreneur. She has created a jewelry line, Cattura Jewelry, after several compliments in her workout classes. “I Initially made a few body chains for myself and wore them in spin class and yoga with my sports bra and girls kept asking where I got them!” After the positive feedback, she started the company and featured several different designs of her personalized body chains.

Kate Bock has grown from a 12-year-old Canadian girl with braces into a worldwide modeling star. She genuinely enjoys her career and the hard work in the gym that comes with it. She’s living her best life all over the world, while finding time to enjoy speaking with her friends and family and watching her NBA beau win championships. Kate Bock is living the dream!

Why She’s Hot!

Her bright blonde hair and green eyes, paired with her tall, athletic frame make Kate Bock an absolute beauty.

What Kind of Man Does She Like?

As someone who cherishes health and fitness, it should be no surprise Bock has been dating an NBA star, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, since 2016.

Something You Should Know?

She speaks fluent French.

Bock hates being touched by feet, something her brother would tease her with as a child.

She avoids breads and is gluten free. She also is allergic to dairy, reaching for almond milk instead.