Femme: Jasmine Tookes

At the epitome of the fashion world and among the woman who dominate the runways is an accessory that only one girl gets to don each year.  Once a year, Victoria Secret calls on its ‘Angels’, to walk the runway of one of the most high profile fashion shows in the world, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  This event, which is globally televised, offers a chance for the world to see some of the newest clothing and lingerie offered by the clothing line, while also showing off their fashion prowess with some higher end items.  Through the ‘angel wings’ and stage performers, one item stands out above the rest, Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Bra.  Each year the company contracts famous jewelers to design a different extravagant bra, bedazzled in real diamonds and gems.  With each new bra comes the opportunity of wearing it for some of the biggest and brightest stars in the fashion world.  This month’s Woman of the Month, Jasmine Tookes, is the latest lady to have that honor.  But first, let’s see how she got there:

Jasmine Tookes was born on February 1st, 1991 and grew up on the beaches of Huntington, California, familiar to most as the home of Hollister.  Tookes was raised by upper middle class parents, her mother working as a celebrity fashion stylist. With her mother’s background in the fashion industry, Tookes always had an interest in modeling, but also had other hobbies growing up.  As a young girl she did gymnastics for 10 years, and was even into high school sports such as volleyball and softball.  It wasn’t until she followed mom to work one day that she took the modeling route.

Tookes appearance is exotic, mostly due to her mixed background.  Her ancestry pulls from African, Brazilian and Indian. Throughout her childhood she often followed her mom to different showrooms and appointments, but it wasn’t until she 15 that she was discovered by a talent agency.  Soon thereafter, she was sent to L.A to start modeling work for multiple agencies.

In 2010, Tookes received her first big break, when did her first commercial ads with UGG and Gap.  This put her name out there and she began to receive more lucrative modeling offers.  In 2011, Tookes career really began to take off.  She was booked for layout in Vogue Italia, and was praised by many magazines and publications as one of the top up and coming new models, including Style magazine which named her the ‘Top New Model of 2011.’  She began doing work for the likes of Ralph Lauren.  In 2012, Tookes was signed as one of Victoria’s Secret new models, even making her first appearance at their annual fashion show.  In 2015, with her profile becoming increasingly more impressive, VS bumped her up to one of their VS Angels, a category reserved for elite international models. 

Fast-forward to 2016, and Jasmine Tookes is now one of the biggest names and most recognizable faces in fashion.  For all her hard work, Victoria’s Secret decided this year to make her the center of their show, giving her the honor of wearing the Fantasy Bra, despite only being an Angel for one year.  This years bra is a $3 million piece covered in diamonds and centered with a green emerald tassel.  Tookes also eclipsed another milestone for the company, as her photo shoot marked the first where no alterations or Photoshop were used.  The company has been under ridicule for years for the excessive nature in touching up photos.  With Tookes as their cover girl, they couldn’t have picked a better time to get with the times. 

Tookes makes our Woman of the Month spot not just for her world class looks, but the way she has sky rocketed to the top in little to no time.  She’s a hard working woman who has made a name for herself in a globally competitive industry.

What Makes Her Hot?

Jasmine Tookes is one of the more exotic looking choices for Woman of the Month.  World class looks with world class success.


What Type of Man Does She Like?

Tookes is currently dating Danish model Tobias Sorensen.


Did You Know?

  • She had to sit in plaster for 3 hours to get fitted for the Fantasy Bra.
  • Her favorite channel is Bravo
  • She is 5’9.